Star Trek Ascendancy, MACE West 2017

Star Trek Ascendancy, MACE West 2017

This is a great game!  It really has a Star Trek feel.  I plan to do a review of this but I really look forward to playing this more and more, especially with expansions.  The 3 player game is great but it has its issues.  Primarily, it’s a 3 player 4X that can basically boil down to 2 vs 1.  The times I have seen played, it turns into two factions fighting it out while the other runs the gambit to win the game.  More factions will change that.

But the cards are what really makes the game.  The more I watched it play, the more I realized that if it were not for the cards, I think the game would be pretty boring.  Also, I have yet to find a use for Impulse movement.

I had the opportunity to host two games (did not play in either).


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