Star Wars CASTer (d6)

Star Wars CASTer (d6)

By Ed Stokes

CASTers are Droid-control specialists. They are much in demand as operators of installation security systems, because one talented CASTer can take the place of several live security guards.

New TECH Skill: CAST operation

This skill represents the training that a CASTer receives to allow him to “multi-task” his attention span. Each CASTer has a Drone Control rating (DCR) equal to the whole dice in this skill. For example, a CASTer with a skill total of 4d+2 in CAST use would have a DCR of 4. Skills used in telepresence through a CAST cannot be used a a level greater that CAST operation

Cybernetic Artificial Sensory Transceiver (CAST)

The CAST (Cybernetic Artificial Sensory Transceiver) device allows its user to simultaneously supervise, control and coordinate a large number droids in a much more efficient manner than by simple voice communication.

A CAST consists of a headset, a pair of gloves, and the main transmitter unit the attachments plug into. The headset includes a visor display, speaker and audio pickup, and is the main output device for the user. The gloves allow fine input, as well as permitting a much greater degree of detail in transmitted instructions. The CAST operates by creating a high-bandwidth data link between a droid and the CAST unit. This connection receives sensory data from the droid, and transmits data and control instructions back to the droid. A CASTer can monitor (minimal interaction, mainly just observing, or giving orders) double his DCR in droids. The droids would be running off of their own programming at this control level. The CASTer can exercise control (manual control of major functions only, similar to a good modem RC car) over an number of droids equal to his DCR. Actual “telepresence”, manual control of all droid functions, can be maintained over only half the DCR in droids. All fractions round down.

If the CASTer is working with half or less of the capability for a given control level, he maintains awareness of his body and surroundings, and can act normally. At 2/3 of capability, the CASTer can move at up to their basic move, but cannot perform any other actions that require a skill or attribute roll. The person also has only limited sensation of their body. At full capacity, the CASTer is completely immersed, they have no awareness of their body, and can do nothing but operate the CAST.

A standard CAST costs 6000cr for the basic setup, plus 500cr for each droid to be linked. It is the size of a modem laptop computer.


Tactical housing- the main unit is build into a form-fitting belt pack which is much less encumbering than the attaché case style. It is also armored, having a STR of 3d to resist damage. 1000cr extra

Scrambler module- protects the datalink from being jammed or intercepted by means of encryption and frequency Hopping. 200cr per droid

Advanced Control system – Allows the CASTer to function as if he had one or two extra dice of CAST operation. +ld, x2 cost; +2d, x5 cost Neural Linkage- eliminates the need for the headset and gloves, gives a bonus of + 1 d to CAST operation skill, + I d for any active skill used through telepresence, allows 50% increase in DCR. +10,000cr

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