Star Wars: Duskwalkers

Star Wars: Duskwalkers


The Duskwalkers are a highly disciplined group of Force Sensitive cybernetic warriors totally devoted to the protection of the innocent. They follow a code similar to that of the Jedi, for similar reasons. Jedi follow their code in order to avoid temptation of the Dark Side, and the resultant perversion of their “magic”. The Duskwalkers religiously follow their code in order to avoid any taint of evil intent, and similar perversion of their abilities. (Duskwalkers have a 66% chance of turning darkside at the first darkside point. The change is automatic at the 2nd point.)


Duskwalkers are organized similarly to some of the knightly orders of medieval Europe. There are several stratified ranks, but not nearly as many as most military forces.


“Long ago, in the time of magic, the innocent were protected by powerful wizards devoted to good. These magicians kept the peace for thousands of years, until one of them became corrupted, and became a predator upon those he had served. His perversion secretly spread, for it was seductive, until ultimately the good wizards were forced into battle with their brothers. The fury of their strikes, and the power of their magic made the ground quake, and raised scars that exist still today. In the end, the evil wizards were defeated, but at great cost.

“The end of the Golden Era was marked by the death of Master Carvanest, the last of the wizards. His Legacy was held by his students. They were too inexperienced to know anything but the theory of the their master’s power. They did, however, know and hold his Code. They also knew the dangers of too much experimentation with the forces of magic.

“Master Carvanest’s students knew that to reinvent the forces of magic would certainly respawn the evil that emerged before. They knew that they needed to find other forces to uphold and protect the Code. Thus, they left the planet of their birth, in search of appropriate power.

“Chaos reigned in the time after the End of Magic. The Great War had nearly ended civilization. Forces of evil which had been forced into submission by the wizards influence flared up to take advantage of this chaos. Pain was widespread. Life was cheap. The time of the Golden Era was nearly forgotten.

“It was into this time that The Nine returned. They returned from the stars as if reborn. Their bodies were shod in shining armor, and they weilded power that none had known since the Golden Era. These nine students of Master formed the first Council of Elders, though it did not take that name until much later. Their influence and guidance put the forces of chaos and evil back into subjugation, and again made the world safe for the innocent.

“Keep the legends of those who went before you close in your minds, Vanshahs, for it is your true strength. Above all, remember the Code: It is your shield. Even the strongest man cannot defend the innocent from the Darkness if he becomes it.

“You are Vanshah no longer. You have all you need. Go forth and Serve”

<in unison> “My Life for Them.”

– Final Graduation Cermonies, Elder Sapino presiding

Organization & Ranking

Seufau (“Initiate”) The first four years of service, largely spent in evaluation and testing.
Vurrah (“Neophyte”) 3 years of training in philosophy, ethics, combat and many other skills.
Vanshah (“Squire”) Trainee gets first cybernetics, more intense training, begin training in their chosen path.
Darrivan, Sendivan, Verkivan “Pathed” Duskwalkers, Most PCs. See below for more info.
Vanlysadda (Judicar) The field-level Duskwalker leaders
Vankosadda (High Judge) General-level leaders
Sadden er Sappat (Council of Elders) The highest ruling body of the Duskwalkers. Made up of the nine eldest Duskwalkers

The Code

The Code is a slight variant of the Jedi code, only slightly less restrictive about combative aspects and exactly how to defend. It is, however considered the ultimate offense to break any part of the Code.

The Paths

After the most basic of skills are mastered, a Duskwalker must choose their path, a decision which will shape their destiny, and their body as well.


The Darrivan (“Wardens”) are the defenders of groups of innocents. They are the most numerous of the Duskwalkers. Once a group of unprotected innocents is discovered, negotiation for placing a garrison of Darrivan commences. The Darrivan quickly form a fanatic attachment for their assigned community. They serve to protect the community from any danger which may be more than it can handle. Darrivan should only rarely be PCs, and then only for the short-term.

Typical Beginning Darrivan PC

Atts & Skills DEX: 3D
Blasters: 4D, Vehicle blasters 4D
Search 4D
Brawling 4D
Tactics 4D, Code 4D *
Security :4D


  • Prosthetic Limbs (+2d for lifting/pushing, +1d for melee damage)
  • Armor plating (+2d phys/+1d+1energy)
  • Repulsor field (+1d phys/energy, 10-turn capacity, 10-minute recharge)
  • Arm mounted line gun
  • EM Scanner
  • FLIR/Low-Light
  • Parabolic Hearing w/damping
  • Gunlink (+1d for “chipped” weapons/weapon systems)
  • Comlink
  • Arm mounted Blaster carbine
  • Micro servo Stablization system (with aimed shots from rifles, treat all shots as one class shorter range, ignore all movement penalties, +2d to offset called shot penalties)
  • Retractible heavy weapons mount
  • Translator (one or two languages at most)
  • Advanced sensor/scanner array (+2d search)
  • Recon Drone (see security Droid, Galladinium’s catalog)
  • Redundant systems (extra Wounded level (3 total))

Cyberware notes: Darrivan are full-body cyborgs, and as such are immune to gases, most diseases, hi/lo pressure, and reasonable extremes in temperature. They do not suffer shock, so they do not lose dice due to damage, and do not take stun. They are very imposing, but engineered to avoid causing fear. They stand just over 2m, and weigh almost 200kg.

Typical Equipment:

Clamp-on Siege armor (+1d energy, +2d Phys)

Light or Med Repeating blaster (if expecting action)

Any reasonable heavy weapon if situation requires


The Sendivan (“Crusaders”) are the offensive arm of the Duskwalkers. They are kept within the central Duskwalker holdings, since they are the most vulnerable to moral “distraction”. Sendivan are terribly efficient, destroying the threat at hand with great speed and precision. They are held back for as long as possible, then released like a storm to destroy those who seek to harm others. Sendivan should never be PCs.

Typical Beginning Sendivan PC

Atts & Skills DEX: 4D
Blasters 5D, Missile Weapons 4D, Brawl Parry 5D, Melee Weapons 5D, Melee Parry 5D, Dodge 5D
Brawling 5D


  • Prosthetic Limbs: (+1d+2 for lifting/pushing and melee damage)
  • Fiberoptic CNS (+1d DEX, +2d PER for initiative only)
  • Armor plating (+1d+1 phys/+1d energy)
  • Repulsor field (+2d+2 phys/energy, 5-turn capacity, 10-minute recharge)
  • EM Scanner
  • FLIR/Low-Light
  • Parabolic Hearing w/damping
  • Gunlink (+2d for “chipped” weapons/weapon systems, and internal weaponry)
  • Comlink
  • Redundant systems (extra Wounded level (3 total))
  • Berserker Device (activated if damaged past incapacitated. Drops damage to wounded, doubles DEX, PER and STR for actual strength purposes. In 1d turns, cyborg dies. Period. (though he does have the option to detonate the bomb at the last minute.))
  • Arm mounted Vibroblade
  • arm mounted Blaster rifle
  • Shoulder mounted minimissile launcher
  • Retractible heavy weapons mount
  • Internal explosive package (12d)
  • Repulsorlift (move 20, 150m ceiling)

Cyberware notes: Sendivan are truly frightening. They are full-cyborgs, and have changed significantly from the original body proportions. They stand 2.5m tall, but only weigh 160kg. The over-long limbs make handling of heavy weapons easier, and give an other worldly look to the cyborg. The sloping of the armor plate give it the look of some impossibly quick crab or insect. They do not suffer shock, so they do not lose dice due to damage, and do not take stun

Typical Equipment:

Any of a wide variety of heavy weapons, from gatling flechette cannon, to E-Webs, to suicide backpack tactical antimatter munitions. Thermal detonator-scale grenades are also common.


Verkivan (“Wayfarers”) fill the gaps left by the framework of the other two Paths. Verkivan travel through the universe, protecting the innocent as they travel. These Duskwalkers also serve as first contact agents, paving the way for a more extensive protective infrastructure to come later. They are like comets streaking ahead of the expanding wave of the Darrivan. Most Duskwalker PCs should be Verkivan.

Typical Verkivan PC

Atts & Skills DEX: 3D
Dodge 4D
Investigation 4D, Persuasion 4D
Code 5D *, Alien Cultures 4D, Alien Know. 4D


  • Myomer-boosted Limbs (+1d for lifting/pushing and melee damage)
  • Fiberoptic CNS (+2 DEX, +1d PER for initiative only)
  • Flexiplast dermal layer (+2 energy/ 1d+1 phys)
  • EM Scanner
  • proximity IR/sonic sensor (shows all large objects within 30m in passive mode. In active mode, gives full imaging 360 x 360deg
  • FLIR/Low-Light
  • Parabolic Hearing w/damping
  • Repulsorlift (move 20, 150m ceiling)
  • Voice stress Analyzer
  • Trauma compensator (Doubles STR for purposes of KO due to stun)
  • Gunlink (+1d for “chipped” weapons)
  • Comlink
  • Universal translator
  • Datalink (+1D to interface/alter computers)
  • Nanotech cyber repair unit (Cybernetics repair at same rate as flesh)
  • Expert-system mnemonic assistant (cyborg remembers everything it senses)
  • Automimetic sheath (Cosmetic change into reasonable range of humanoid aliens. Cannot mimic individuals. (imagine the Star Trek nose/ear/forehead treatment)

Cybernetics notes: The Verkivan is the least radical departure from the basic form. All the cybernetics are augments of the natural faculties, not a full-body replacement, as in the other two. There are no external metal features, and use of metal and high-density ceramics is held to a minimum. With the assistance of the sheath and translator, the cyborg can walk openly on any world that has regular alien visitors.

Typical equipment:

Small scout starship

Blaster pistol

Blaster Carbine


(anything else that would not raise initial suspicion.)

* The skill, “Code”, is a special skill that represents the Duskwalker’s extensive indoctrination into the code of the Duskwalker. The game effects of the skill is that the PC cannot commit an act that goes against the Duskwalker code without making a skill roll. Normally, several of these rolls would have to be made in sequence before a Duskwalker nears receiving a darkside point.

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