Star Wars d6 RPG SlugThrowers

Star Wars d6 RPG SlugThrowers

Type: Bolar Projectile’s Deviant/Slugthrower

Damage: 2D+1

Range: 1-5/10/25

Availability: 2

Ammo: 2

Fire rate: 2

Cost: 50/clips 5

Capsule: Bolar Projectile’s, once the galaxy’s finest provider of weapons, created this weapon as a cheap way to provide civilians with self defense. Both barrels fire jointly. Basically ineffective against armored opponents, this weapons was made to use against thugs or common thieves at close quarters. This weapon was “cheaply” priced but often malfunctioned making it a favorite amongst cheaper criminals or colonists in the fringe.

Type: Bolar Projectile’s Model 5 Return Fire/Slugthrower

Damage: 3D

Range: 3-10/25/105

Availability: 1/2

Ammo: 10

Fire Rate: 1

Cost: 150/clips 10

Capsule: The most common of Slugthrower pistols this was a much more reliable weapon than the deviant. It held more ammo and packed a better punch. Though the model does not have armor piercing rounds available, it can deal with lighter armored troops and criminals. It is still used in the fringe as a military or police backup weapon. Earlier models than the five are available but tend to be lower in ammo and reliability.

Type: Magnar’s Offensive/Defensive Precision 10/Slugthrower

Damage: 3D+2

Range: 5-20/40/130

Availability: 2/3

Ammo: 20

Fire Rate: 1

Cost: 250/20 clips

Capsule: The Precision 10 is what put Magnar into the competitive scene with Bolar. This Slugthrower rifle still sees active use by fringe military organizations, assassins and bounty hunters. This rifle did not offer much of a punch or armor piercing rounds, but used laser aiming technology for precision (add 1D to operators skill or 2D if one round is used for preparation) and stream line needle bolts for smaller ammo cartridges and further range. Its aiming capabilities make it both an effective defensive weapon when holed up or an effective offensive weapon if taking out operators of heavy equipment or uncovered drivers of vehicles.

Type: Peacemaker’s Submission Bolter/ Slugthrower

Damage: 5D/3D/1D

Blast Radius: 1-3/4/5-8

Range: 2-8/15/40

Availability: R

Ammo: 3

Fire Rate: 1

Cost: 500/bolts 50 per bolt (This weapon is rarely found off Black Market)

Capsule: The Bolter was Peacemaker’s only successful weapon model. This weapon fired an explosive cylinder that was superheated as it left the weapon. This weapons fire is often mistaken for blaster fire. The weapon was originally intended for military usage in assaulting small or medium sized vehicles. However due to its unreliability (the tendency to blow up in the operator’s face) and short range it never found its place in legal organizations. Though smugglers, pirates and other low -lives flocked to purchase this weapon, which lead to it’s being restricted. It is still available on the black market at an inflated price and is used most commonly by outlaws and pirates.

Type: Bolar Projectiles’s Flank Cover Machine Weapon/ Slugthrower

Damage: 4D

Range: 5-15/35/100

Availability: R

Ammo: 80

Fire Rate: 20

Cost: 900/clips 80

Capsule: The Flank Cover Machine Weapon explains itself; it was made for a single operator to cover the rear of an operation team or troop squad from multiple opponents. This weapon is not prized for its accuracy but for flooding and area with slugs for a few seconds. When characters use this weapon they role their skill for the first found. Any one in the weapons frontal arc must make a dodge role, if they are successful it is assumed they found cover or got out of the weapons arc. (the weapon uses a 45 degree arc, assuming the character is strafing the area in front of him) If the person failed his dodge role he did not take cover, couldn’t find it or was unable to get out of the weapon’s arc, he takes damage for that round. Next round the person who made the dodge roll may either stay in his cover or try to fire on the character. Attempting to fire on the character requires a successful dodge roll against the character’s original roll, if that dodge fails the person has come out of cover to shoot only to be hailed on by slugs. The person who failed the dodge roll (if he is not killed or incapacitated) must make another roll to see if he found cover, if he fails again he takes damage a second time. This process repeats for four rounds (when the person firing runs out of ammo) or whenever the person firing decides to stop. The weakness of this weapon is that anyone outside the gunner’s arc does not have to worry about being hit, the gunner may stretch his arc but suffers a -1D penalty to his skill roll for every 10 added on to the arc (if you don’t like calculating things just estimate quickly if a person is in or out of the firing range, don’t make a big deal about it). That makes this weapon more effective in narrow spaces, such as corridors and hallways. If the corridor is only a meter wide the gunner’s targets may have no cover to take.

Type: Mangar’s Shoot & Slice Long Rifle/ Slugthrower

Damage: 3D for gun/Str+1D+2 for pike blade

Range: 3-10/50/180

Availability: 1

Ammo: 10

Fire Rate: 1

Cost: 300/slugs 20 for box of 100

Capsule: The Slice & Shoot Long Rifle is an almost ancient weapon, being one of the first mass produced slugthrower rifles. It was 1.8 meters long, yet was easy to manipulate due to the use of light weight alloys, and had a nasty pike blade at the end of the barrel. This rifle featured affordability, good accuracy, and the fact that it served as a pike as well as a rifle. The downside to this weapon was that it could only be loaded a single slug at a time (takes four rounds to fully load, moderate skill role to load in two rounds/difficult skill roll to load in one, failure of these rolls indicates a jam in the loading system). This feature was compensated for by the fact that the weapon was also a pike, but the length of the weapon made it useless in small rooms or tight corridors (in a tight corridor the weapon can fire forward, or be used to jab forward, however can not be easily brought to bare on foes to the rear, the only thing to be done is jab with the back of the rifle doing Str+2 damage). This weapon is more commonly the choice of scouts, prospectors, nomads, fringe soldiers and outlaws. The reason outlaws like the weapon is that it is readily available but is not commonly used enough in crime to require a permit.

Type: Bolar Projectile’s Shredder/ Slugthrower

Damage: 4D (+2D to damage if attacking and armored target/if using armor piercing rounds)

Range: 1-10/20/45

Availability: R

Ammo: 20

Fire Rate: 4

Cost: ,1000/clips 100(armor piercing) 50(slugs)

Capsule: This is a more recent slugthrower dating back only 30 years before “A New Hope”. This weapon was used in the clone wars, towards the end. It was built on planets that did not have gas available for blasters but had metals for the weapon, and chemicals for the explosive rounds. Without the explosive rounds it is just a powerful slugthrower. With the exploding rounds it becomes a dangerous weapon, capable of destroying even modern armor. The reasons for it not being used in modern military organizations, though it is still produced in many parts of the galaxy, are: short range, jamming, and occasional backfire. One too many times did this weapon prove unreliable for military usage. Outlaws and pirates have used this weapon in assault of imperial troops and many a stormtrooper has fallen with his armor torn to pieces by this savage weapon.

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