Stargate 2099 (an unfinished idea)

Stargate 2099 (an unfinished idea)

IDEA: With SG-1 possibly going off the air and more talk of spin-offs, I thought what if the advanced the timeline 90 or so years, after the Stargate has been revealed and the military has a fleet of ships.What would it be like?  Would the revelation cause serious upheavel? Would the public be more mad it was kept secret or would the societal implications that we’re not alone override that and cause religious and social upheavel.  I know the Christian church would go nuts.  Who else?

There was one epsiode set in the future, in an alternative universe where the gate was revealed and placed in an airport-like place.  People were travelling back and forth from worlds.  I’d imagine that would be something that would be part of it.

But I would ike to see an advancement in the timeline, deal with the aftermath of the social impact of the Stargate’s revelation.  Cults would form.  The more liberal-minded would be full of angst and hatred of mankind because we nearly wiped out a species – the Goa’uld, just like the hate America now for how we were formed and who had to die to get it that way.

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