Stargate LARP & One-Shot series

Stargate LARP & One-Shot series

Wrote and ran a few Stargate LARPS along with a few table top all linked to one plotline, centered around Greek Mythology, an artifact called the Dimensional Well Devices that caused fluctuations within the dimensional fabric, and other devices that were part of Hades Legacy. I’ve been using EABAnywhere/EABALarp from BTRC. The first LARP I worked with Carl Bennett. The second Carl helped write it and my cousin Jessica McGlothlin helped run it.

Part Zero: The Lost Colony (Stargate SG-1 RPG at ConCarolinas 2006)

A team is sent to recover a nuke lost in the Bermuda Triangle in the 60s, found on a far off world with no gate.

SG-1 Adventure: Croatoan

Part 1: The Mount – Adventures on Plyomus (LARP at ConCarolinas 2006)

An Atlantis team is sent to negotiate peaceful relations with a strange new culture only to find competition when they arrive as well as a very oppressive society.

Part 2: The Delta Syndrome – (LARP at MACE 2006)

On a slow weekend at the SGC, artifacts arrive from a hurricane stricken base off the coast of Florida, in the Bermuda Triangle. They claim they have found the source of what was the Bermuda Triangle. But what happens when its broguht to the SGC?

Part 3: Axe of Odin – (Stargate SG-1 RPG at MACE 2007)

An adventure I threw together after I had written most of the MACE 2007 LARP, that acts as a prerequel to the LARP.

SG-1 Adventure: Odin’s Axe

Part 4: Labyrinth – (LARP at MACE 2007)

I’ve been asked to run a new LARP at MACE 2007. I use a lot of Greek Mythology including Hades and Persephone, the Labyrinth and Minotaur mythology, and mysteries about the Minoan civilizations of Crete. Central to this is the Phaistos Discs.

Not sure you can make any sense out of the notes, but basically we used a Flash program written by a friend and a spare PC I had as the cotrol console of the ship they were in. It was a great success. I may post the Flash here as well.

SG LARP: Prison Ship

Part 5: Legacy of Mu – (Stargate SG-1 RPG at ConCarolinas 2008)

An adventure I wrote ti kick off a potential convention campaign using the mythology of the lost continent of Mu, and a mixture of (Asian) Indian and Maya snake mythology to created a snake-like race called the Nacaal. This was indirectly linked to the LARP, Hammer of Hephaestus.

Part 6: The Hammer of Hephaestus – (LARP at ConCarolinas 2008)

The first of a planned series of LARPs in search of the Hammer of Hephaestus. It’s in 5 pieces and the first piece is found on a planet called Turanga, a planet dominated by a culture derived from Polynesian culture, primarily from Easter Island.

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