Stargate: The Mount

Stargate: The Mount

LARP, ConCarolinas 2006

My first LARP craft, I made the weapons for the “church” figure in this plot.  Below is the initial notes of the 56 page plotline me and another guy put together over instant messenger.

Where: Plyomus (anagram for Olympus), somewhere in the far reaches of the Pegasus Galaxy

Climate & Gravity: Earth Normal

Location: Capitol City – a massive city set atop a large mountain, overlooking a vast wilderness.

Technology: Mixed.  Advanced in some areas, while backward in others.  Tech seems to be a mix of different styles and knowledge.

Culture: The culture is a mix of many cultures, except from one over-riding factor.  The Church of Oros (Mount), not to be confused with the Ori.

The “Rift” anomaly (see below) has been active for centuries, periodically pulling in people from far corners of the universe to this one place.  The first people to be drawn here were numerous and worshipped a version of the Greek gods (actually Goa’uld from another galaxy).  Seeing their transportation from their homes as a sign from the gods, they settled here and built monuments to their gods for their deliverance to a new world, which they callled Plyomus.

Over the past several millenia, things have changed.  More and more people were brought to this world and the original Plyomusians integrated them into their culture.  As time went on, the infusing of other cultures changed things.  The polytheistic worship of many gods eventually evolved into a monotheistic worship of one god, Oros.   The religion grew into a church, the chuch grew into a organized power, and eventually all had to answer to the Church of Oros.

Oros is a merging of the Greek deities into one, representative in 12 spirits of Oros.  They hold the ancient names of the old gods.

  • Spririt of Zeus is the spirit of leadership and strength, and was the aspect of Oros that brought them here to Plyomus.
  • Spirit of Poseidon is the spirit of water and oceans, as well as the free spirit.
  • Spirit of Hades is the spirit of death, wrath, and punishment of sin.
  • Spirit of Athena is the spirit of wisdom, the arts, inner beauty, and education.
  • Spirit of Ares is the spirit of war and heroes.
  • Spirit of Artemis is the spirit of the hunt, animals, fertility and chastity.
  • Spirit of Hephaestus is the spirit of fire, workmanship, artisans and weaponry.
  • Spirit of Apollo is the spirit of light, dance, music, healing and medicine, archery and reason.
  • Spirit of Hermes is the spirit of guidance, travelers, shepherds, consolation, reunions and the Gate.
  • Spirit of Aphrodite is the spirit of love, sexuality, outer beauty and attraction.
  • Spirit of Hera the spirit of marriage, sacrifices and fidelity.
  • Spirit of Hestia is the spirit of the home, family and the hearth.
  • Spirit of Demeter is the spirit of the land, flowers and plants, food, and agriculture.
  • Spirit of Dionysus is the spirit of theater, intoxication, wine and love.
  • Spirit of Helios is the spirit of the sun.
  • Spirit of Persephone is the spirit of the seasons, harvest, and flowers.
  • Spirit of Heracles is the spirit of the Orosian Inquisition and the protection of the Church.
  • Spirit of Hebe is the spirit of serfs, youth and servants.

The culture grew around the Church.  Also, a twisted version of democracy grew from the original Greek-like culture.  Although, all are free to vote, the majority follows what the Church tells them to vote.  Candidates work hard to gain the blessing from the church (through bribery and favors). The Church also plays a big role in the infusing of Newcomers into society.  Non-humans are killed or banished for fear they are demons.  There are some alien enclaves out in the far reaches of the planet who resist the Church’s rule.  The Orosian Inquisition hunts them.

The Orosian Inquisition also keeps a watchful eye for Newcomers, either through the gate or through the Rift.  They indoctrinate the Newcomers or imprison them.  Most that resist indoctrination die in prison. There is a building resistance to the Church.  They call themselves the Hebenites, born of the serfs and poor of the Plyomusian society. The society is divided by social lines – the Senator Nobles, the Managers and the serfs.

The Crafts

I made the stunners out of PVC pipe.  This was technically my first gaming related craft.  Carl, my partner in crime in this effort, rendered the representations of the locations in the LARP, which were pretty cool.

The Game