StellarCon 24

StellarCon 24

Once again, I want to thank everyone that participated in StellarCon from the Charlotte area and the Guild. The Guild made an amazing show at StellarCon – our best ever.  We put on our now-infamous Dead Pokemon party, with shooting gallery and whipping post abound.  We had something like 25 to 30 people at the Con, from new Guilder to old timers, all participating in some way.  I was the Gaming Manager, so that’s pretty much what my perspective is this year.  I’m sorry I can’t give you a more well rounded perspective, but I will try to cover everything I did and everything I’ve heard about.

First, being on ConCom gave me a new perspective on the people that run the Con.   I have a new respect for them, and all that they do.  It was a lot better run this year, a lot better organized.  Or at least it seemed that way because I got to see the organization from a management perspective.  They are good people, from Amy to Mike, from James to Emily, and everyone else, all worked hard to make things go smoothly.  I was also glad they treated me with a hands-off approach, allowing me as much freedom as the venue would permit.  Great job all around.

The Con broke 650 people this year.  That’s a great showing of fans at this Con.

From a Gaming Perspective, I was told that I increased gaming a lot for StellarCon and that I accomplished my goal: to make gaming a significant part of the over-all Con.   Everyone seemed to be pleased, and had fun.  That’s all that mattered to me.  I was worn out by the end of the Con, so I know I did something.

I have to thank all the GMs (most of which were Guilders of some form or another).   All ran great games, and no player walked away feeling like they at least played one good game.  You all did a great job, and the players complimented us on our work.

The hard work by me, Michael Moore, and other paid off greatly.

The rest of the Con was just as much of a success as the Gaming, from what I understand.  I heard nothing but great remarks about the Game Society’s Cthulhu Live/CthulhuPunk LARP.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t participate.  Also, I actually heard good things about the Vampire LARP as well.  “Actually” because in past years, I’ve heard nothing but complaints.  It was as cliquish as it has been in the past, and the plot was well received by those I talked to.

The Events were apparently good too, but I missed out on a lot of them.  I tried to go to one, but was even called out of that one.  So, as I understand, most of the Events of not all, went well.

The Dealers room was most impressive.  I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there this year.  I spent a good amount of money, and found some really cool stuff.  This year, I think they out-did themselves with the dealers room.   Excellent work.

In general, it was the best medium-sized Con I have been too in a long while.  I really did enjoy being in the heat of it all, even though it wore me out.  I am proud to be associate with those involved and glad that they want me back.  I just hope I can do as well next year.

It looks like the heart is back in the Con, if it ever left…

Thanks again.


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