StellarCon this weekend!  Deep South Con bid

StellarCon this weekend! Deep South Con bid

We’re headed out to StellarCon this weekend. I am heading up a Deep South Con bid for ConCarolinas. We’re having a party Sat night. Should be a wild time. In between that, I am running a SG RPG game and promoting SG-SOCOM as best I can.

The problem is CC JUST THIS WEEK lost our big media guest. Robert Picardo’s shooting schedule conflicted. It’s cool that his role is bigger in SGA and I look forward to seeing him as the leader of Altantis. But dang it!

So we’re going back through the media guest thing again. In truth, I wish we didn’t need one. We probably don’t. We probably have already done enough damage to that other con. I guess its my competitive nature. We’re probably better off without a media guest.

Anyway, StellarCon should be fun. I am very impressed with the fact that it sold out TWO hotels. Should be a lot of people. It will probably be my last one, so I will go out with a blast!

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