Summer Con Report

Summer Con Report

This summer I attended the X-files Expo in Atlanta, Phenomicon in High Point, and worked HeroCon in Charlotte. I saw several stars from X-Files, and chatted with Jason Carter from Babylon 5. This summer for Cons, and for sci-fi fandom in general was intense. I gamed more than I have in a long time, and the cons were worth the money and the time I spent.

The X-Files Expo was interesting, but a little over commercialized. They rented out a cheap warehouse on the outskirts of Atlanta, and had nothing that wasn’t some kind of commercial for their sponsors. They were hyping up the movie (which I liked), and trying to sell as much merchandise as possible. It was annoying you couldn’t take your own pictures, but had these girls walking around willing to do it for you with a digi-cam, using the disk you got at the door. This was free, but still annoying because there was enough girls to go around. There were displays of props, and demos of the new computer game. The guests were cool: Steven Williams, Nicholas Leah (“Krycek”), “Langley, of the Lone Gunman”, and “Skinner”.

Phenomicon was just Jason Carter. He was kind enough to confirm that his character in Bab5 is NOT dead yet, but in stasis. He also flirted with Diana, my girlfriend (who doesn’t?). Then we just spent money at the Greensboro gaming store.

HeroCon was work, even though hardly anyone showed for the gaming. It was fun, despite that. Several Guilders ran games, and saved the day: Call of Cthulhu, Champions, and Vampire. Heroes promises better advertisement and room placement next year. Of course, we’ll be involved.

Now I have DragonCon to look forward too. That is ALWAYS a rocking con. If you have never gone to a con, you need to go to a big one first like DC. It’s a great way to get addicted. A complete removal from reality. Con’s are my vacation. If you like sci-fi, fantasy or horror, then you will love going to cons.

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