SW d6 Mailing List: Planetary Sensors

SW d6 Mailing List: Planetary Sensors

In a message dated 9/21/98 11:50:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, seawolf@ writes:

> “… what is the range of most planetary based sensor networks? Using the
> Solar System as a model, where could the FarStar enter the system and not
> be picked up? …”

Planetary sensor nets would probably depend on the classification of starport available. Landing fields are probably limited to the immediate vicinity (any lunar orbit plus some, at most the next planetary orbit)

Limited Facilities should be able to detect out to several planetary orbitsaway fro m the designated world, possibly to system limits.

Standard starports should have coverage out to beyond system perimeters and may extend a short network along common hyperspace routes.

Imperial starports should have coverage out to well beyond the system perimiter, as well as sensor nets/satellites posted along frequently used hyperspace vectors, possibly all the way to the closest neighboring system. (intra-system-tracking, ie:Kuat)

The tech level also has a great deal to do with the probable range of the sensor net. Also whether or not it is a ground based system, one augmented by system satellites, or even equipped with subspace transceivers (holonet) posted along routes.
The best chance for entry undetected would involve a combination of entry along an uncommon route (increase hyperspace nav time/diff), “pirate” jump point plotting to appear either behind a large planetary body for camouflage or well outside of the system boundaries (increase hyperspace nav diff), and a “run-silent” approach to the planet. Be wary of “blind-side” hyperspace drops, as that is the most likely place for sensor satellites to be deployed,

> “… can ships in hyperspace be detect by sensors? The movies would seem
> to indicate that they could be. (In ROTJ, Leia mentions that the Rebel
> fleet should be arriving at any moment, and in a viewscreen behind her, it
> shows something that looks like the Rebel fleet.)…”

Yepper. Outlying sensors can detect the passage or approach of ships in hyperspace just as mass shadows can be detected in hyperspace. There is also a signature sensor wave from ships exiting hyperspace that can be detected  easier the closer you are (ESB, imperial invasion of Hoth). At Hoth, an outsystem arrival and a sublight approach to the planet would have surprised the rebels. Ozzel’s insystem drop gave too much of a signature and they were detected.

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