SW d6 Mailing list: Star Wars PPGs

SW d6 Mailing list: Star Wars PPGs

Here are some stats that I made up for the PPGs from Babylon 5. I got a lot of my info on how they worked, background, and strength from http://www.infinicorp.com/VEX/ (a good site IMHO). Here are the stats and some background; comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

PPGs, the standard appendage-held projectile weapon of many races. While slug throwers are cheaper to manufacture, they are impractical in a space environment. The PPG fires a packet of superheated gas, usually helium, instead of a metal slug which could rupture the hull of a ship or space station. When firing, the PPG heats a portion of gas stored in the gun’s removable energy cap. When the gas is in a plasma state, it is “fired” down the barrel of the gun by the sequential activation of electromagnets in the barrel. After firing, the plasma packet retains its coherence from a residual magnetic field surrounding it. Upon impact, the magnetic field is broken and the plasma energy is released. As with most weapons, time and distance weakens the field, reducing the effectiveness of the shot. The most effective defense against PPG fire is pure berillium, which causes the plasma to ricochet.

PPGs are constructed from very durable alloys that can withstand the stress of  the extremes of temperature from repeated use. The electromagnetic firing coil is made from a morbidium alloy, which is harder than a diamond. Supermorbidium (the 156th atom) was discovered in 2259. Its use in PPG weaponry has been very low due to high costs in creating this element. PPGs manufactured in Earth Force territory have a serial number stamped on the morbidium coil during manufacture to allow the weapon to be traced easily. Special agents within Earth Force are issued unnumbered PPGs.

Westlake & Grumman Model 10
Capsule: The most common PPG pistol in use by civilians within the Earth
Alliance. Marketed as a self-defense weapon, the Model 10 is popular due to its
reputation as a dependable weapon (despite its unwieldiness).
Type: Civilian PPG pistol
Skill: PPG: pistol
Availability: 2, R
Cost: 250 (15)
Range: 3-10/25/60
Ammo: 5
Damage: 4d+2

Auricon EF-7
Capsule: Restricted only to Earth Force personnel, the Auricon EF-7 is standard
issue to all official personnel. The EF-7 has a 12-15 shot capacity (depending
on what energy cap is used). While illegal for civilian use, the EF-7 is
available in limited supply to Earth Force personnel.
Type: Military PPG pistol
Skill: PPG: pistol
Availability: 2, X
Cost: 450 (20-30)
Range: 5-15/30/75
Ammo: 12-15
Damage: 5d+2

Westlake & Grumman Model 21
Capsule: Used mostly by security professionals, this PPG rifle sees most use on
colony worlds. Damage is comparable to its military equivalent. The Model 21’s
size is considered by most security forces as a deterrent, which is a good
thing considering its ammunition capacity is limited to two shots. This rifle
is available to Alliance civilians.
Type: Civilian PPG rifle
Skill: PPG: rifle
Availability: 2, R
Cost: 400 (20)
Range: 3-25/50/200
Ammo: 2
Damage: 6d+1

Auricon EF-PR
Capsule: Restricted to Earth Force personnel, the EF-PR is the standard-issue
combat PPG rifle. The EF-PR is only available to Earth Force personnel for
official business only.
Type: Military PPG rifle
Skill: PPG: rifle
Availability: 2, X
Cost: 550 (35)
Range: 3-30/100/300
Ammo: 20-25
Damage: 6d+2

Auricon EF-APR
Capsule: Heavily restricted to Earth Force use only, the EF-APR is the premier
heavy assault PPG rifle of the Alliance. While bulky, the EF-APR’s aiming
difficulty is partially offset by a laser scope. The main feature of the EF-APR
is its autofire capacity, allowing a single soldier to do withering damage.
Type: Military assault PPG rifle
Skill: PPG: auto rifle
Availability: 3, X
Cost: 860 (50)
Range: 5-30/75/250
Modes: Single, burst (5 rounds), full-auto (15 rounds)
Ammo: 50 (can be hooked up to a backpack kit for nearly unlimited ammo)
Damage: 6d+2
Game Notes:
Bulky: -1d to dexterity and related skills, if paired with a backpack kit the
penalty become -1d+2 to dexterity and related skills.
Laser Aiming Projectors: Uses multiple, very bright projectors to help
determine where the shots will hit (+1d to hit).

Centauri Tromo Handgun
Capsule: The Tromo Handgun, a long-barreled, ornate PPG pistol, is
standard-issue to all Centauri Royal Guardsmen. While the Tromo appears to be
ornamental because of its typically Centauri design, its damage potential is
equal to that of the Auricon EF-7. Unlike the EF-7, the Tromo’s ammunition
capacity is approximately twenty shots. Traditionally used only by the
Type: Centauri PPG pistol
Skill: PPG: pistol
Availability: 3, R
Cost: 400 (25)
Range: 5-15/30/75
Ammo: 20
Damage: 5d+2

Minbari Sha’ann PP Weapon
Capsule: A design in use for over a thousand years by the Warrior Caste, the
Sha’ann is considered to be the pinnacle of PPG pistol technology. With damage
equivalent to Auricon’s EF-PR, and an unlimited energy source, the Sha’ann is
considered by the Minbari to be a light arm. Its use is restricted to the
Warrior Caste and its technology is heavily guarded from other species. Despite
the best efforts of the Warrior Caste, some Sha’ann PP Weapons are available on
the black market.
Type: Advanced PPG pistol
Skill: PPG: pistol
Availability: 2 (Minbari Warrior Caste); 4, X (Black Market)
Cost: 4,000 (to Minbari); 16,000 (Black Market)
Range: 5-15/35/120
Ammo: Unlimited
Damage: 6d+2

Narn Kalat Avenger
Capsule: The Narn manufacture a very utilitarian and bulky PPG that looks like
a box with a handle — which is perfect for their large hands. While available
to civilian Narns, the Kalat Avenger is used primarily by the military. As Narn
manufacturing is sometimes lacking in the required alloys for PPG barrels and
must use inferior metals, the Kalat Avenger uses three barrels to distribute
the heat generated by firing the plasma blast. Less effective than the Allia
nce’s Model 10, the Kalat does have an ammunition capacity of ten shots.
Generally, the Kalat Avenger is not sold to outsiders.
Type: Narn PPG pistol
Skill: PPG: pistol
Availability: 3, R
Cost: 400 (20)
Range: 3-10/25/60
Ammo: 10
Damage: 5d+1

Thrakallan v’kk’xo PP Weapon
Capsule: Designed for the Thrakallan’s clawed “hand,” the v’kk’xo is a medium
firearm composed of several stolen technologies. While its ammunition capacity
is 32 shots, its damage is comparable to the Kalat Avenger.
Type: Thrakallan PPG pistol
Skill: PPG: pistol
Availability: 3, R
Cost: 340 (30)
Range: 3-10/25/60
Ammo: 32
Damage: 5d


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