SW SoD Items/Locations


SoD Items/Locations
  • The Cadriaan’s HopeThe Cadriaan's Hope
    The Character’s Starship
  • The SunriseThe Sunrise
    Modified Z-10 Seeker   Scale:               Starfighter Length:            21m Crew:               1 Pass:                2 Cargo Cap:       5 tons Cons:               2mo Hyp Mod:         x1 Hyp Back:         x1 Navicomp:        Yes Maneuver:        4d Space:              10 Atmos:             450/1300kph Hull:                 3d Shields:           2d Sensors: Pass     40/2d Scan     30/2d Search 50/2d Focus   4/4d  Misc. Sensors: Electrophotoreceptor, Full Spectrum Transceiver, Dedicated Energy Receiver, Lifeform Indicator, Crystal Gravfield traps, Hyperwave Signal Interceptors Weapons: 2 Single Autoblasters(Top & Bottom mounts): Fire Control       2d Space Range    1-3/10/20 Atmos. Range   ...
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