SWd6 Mailing List: The Mandalorian Portfolio

SWd6 Mailing List: The Mandalorian Portfolio

Some of the resources I used when creating plots for the Mandalorian in my campaigns.

The Clans

Five thousand passengers were aboard the original transport that crash on Mandalore. A period of intense famine and bigotry quickly followed. During the year after the crash fifteen hundred people died from starvation, or the carnivorous animals present on Mandalore. The political dissent was high in the beginning. Different groups had developed completely opposite plans to survive in the future. Therefore the camp split into many sections. Five groups of approximately eight-hundred people split apartn from the crash site. Each had elected their own leader to bring survival. Ulyna traveled north into the plains. Opy’re took preference to the mountains in the south. Aconouran went into the vast desert in the east. Finally, Lyrr’va traveled west toward the vast ocean. The fifth group, lead by Sti’va, stayed at the crash site. From these great leaders the we get five directions, and attributes. Ulyna the Wise; Opy’re the Powerful; Aconouran the Deft; Lyrr’va the Inventor; and Sti’va the Equate.

These five great men and women made up the first five clans of Mandalore. Each developed into different races, with dominate attributes being the characteristics of their clan leader. Two millennia passed. All five of the first colonies survived, although underwent extreme technological degradation. At this point in Mandalorian history the population was approximately 86,400 people. In 1845 – 2000 was the great rise, where the population more than doubled. This was the first time when it was clear the Mandalorians people were to survive. It was also the first time the five great cities clashed.

A great warring period, five hundred years in duration erupted. The only war ever known to Mandalore history. Each clan desired dominance over Mandalore, and set out for victory. What had by then become the Sti’va den suffered the largest losses, and was almost destroyed. I will tell the story of the five hundred year war another day. Today we will focus on a young man named Pq’narc who ended the great war.

Mandelorian Information

From what I gathered the ancient mandelorians were famed warriors and known throughout the galaxy. However, they offended the Jedi some how and the Jedi decided it was their job to make sure this race didn’t get any farther in its empire building. The Mandelorians didn’t like the deal and decided to start a nice little war also known as the CLONE WARS. It lasted for many years and the Mandelorians enlisted the Sith to help them and toward the end they began mass cloning in order to keep their armies supplemented. In the end, however, they were defeated by the Jedi and the Old Republic but not before they had severely weakened it’s control. Palpy than began his take over bid. Remember, this is most likely not Lucas Fact.

They used to ride these large lizard like beasts into battle. Can’t remember name of the animals and their armor was designed for the specific purpose of be used against Jedi.

I extrapolated on these ideas by saying that the race wasn’t wiped out by the Jedi and that a small group fled into unknown space where they reestablished their reign and began preparations for their resurgence. They formed clans much like that of Battle Tech and were based around the same ideals. They training is much more developed however they are hundreds of thousands of Mandelorians where there were mere hundreds of clan members. They have a fascination with the number six and their whole military makeup is designed around it. There are six clans (storm weavers, Jedi Stalkers, ….. can’t remember other four) and 6 fleets under each of those six clans and so on until you get down to the basic 6 man unit. Each ship in the fleet is built out of the infamous Mandelorian Iron and is designed to be able to accomplish any task assigned it (anything from invasion to space superiority). Ground based warfare is based around the Battlemechs, armored personnel carriers, and shock troops who all wear the armor as well. They believe in the system of honor and only those who are honorable are given respect and curtosies (i.e. Won’t kill them or will allow them safe passage for diplomatic means).

It has been 22 years after the Fall of Endor and now they have decided they want their chunk of the galaxy back. They are organized under a new, more powerful, and organized sith and have begun a full out invasion of the New Republic, Empire, and other allies. If you would like any other
info about this campaign or the ideas I have designed around the information I found. Just e-mail me with the specific question.

Clans: Storm Weavers, Light Dragons, Jedi Hunters, Shadow Stalkers, Chadar (extinct predator from Mandelorian homeworld), and Dark Stars.

History for your time period: Clans have recently been formed and have been warring amongst each other. A key turning point is at hand. The battle of massive proportions that includes all the clans will take place on the Shadow Stalkers homeworld and will the leave the planet devastated with no gains for either side. At this point, it becomes obvious that the Mandelorians are on the verge of destroying themselves. Lord Lontek, clan leader of the Light Dragons, holds a conference will all the other clan leaders that ends with the formation of the Great Court and the Counsel of Lords in which Lontek is the Grand Clan Lord. The months that follow are shaky but they clans survive and strengthen and adjust to this new government. The counsel controls the clans and court controls judgements for arguments between clans.

Lizards : Never got their stats. However, someone on the list has them. Not sure who because it was a long time ago that he told me where to find the info. Instead, I have had the Mandelorians  replace these creatures with Battlemechs that are just a little more powerful.

Major NPCS: Lord Lontek is basically it, All other NPCs in my time period are in consequential at this time.

P.s. -Two other good sources are Pegasus Base, I remember finding some info there. Can’t remember the address. Web searcher. I found two or three pages in under an hour of hunting. Although I only needed one of them because it was so good. Here are the stats of the Mandalorian Oogra it’s a cross between a mammal and a lizard:

Mandalorian Oogras-

These mystical and mysterious creatures were the beasts of burden for the Mondalorians. They were giant, but very fast. The Mandolorians would tame these massive beasts and ride them as they traversed their planet of Mandalore and other places across the galaxy. The skin of these creatures is amazingly thick, strong enough to withhold all but the strongest of blasters. Whenever one of the Oogras would die, the Mandalores would shape its thick skin around Mandolorian ore to form their famous battle armor. Mandai ore Dogras have long, strong legs that are powerful enough to allow the Dogras to sprint at least 3-4 times as fast as a human being. They have powerful jaws that are large enough to crush a human to pieces. Their heads are almost like lizards in shape, but they have a giant fur mane around their necks. It is unknown if the Oogras are mammals or reptiles, for they share the characterstics of both. They are warm-blooded, have large eyes, but their vision is limited. The dogras rely more on their sense of sound and smell to find their ways around. The dogras are surprisingly stealthy for their size, for they can often sneak up very close to their prey. They are carnivores, with massive jaws and teeth, and require a lot of food to keep up their large bulk. It is believed that the Dogras could sense the Force and those
strong in it. It is known that the Mandolorians rode these giant beasts as they went into battle against the Jedi. There has been no ever recorded skeleton or remains of a complete Oogra; for they hide their burial sites well. A live Dogra has not been seen by civilization since the
Mandalorians faded out of existence. However; there has been rumors periodically of large beasts like these being spotted by primitive races on backwater planets. It is very possible the Mandalorian Oogras still roam backwater planets, waiting for another day.
Height: 3-6m at shoulder
Weight: 550- 30001bs.
Age: Up to 55 years
Min/Max Stats:
Dexterity: 30/1 00
Perception: 20/60
Knowledge: 1 D/20+2
Strength: 40/140
Mechanical: –/-Technical:


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