Talgorian Empire

Talgorian Empire

Society & Technology

Talgorian society is caste based.  Each level of caste brings one closer to the GREATER WHOLE, a unified hive intelligence controlled by an organic artificially intelligent computer, created by the Ancients.  The society puts implants in their young and as they grow through the castes, more implant upgrades are injected until the reach their chosen or destined caste.  In doing, the organic computer on their homeworld dedicated most of its time on the higher castes, instructing them on how to control the lower castes. The Talgorians are dedicated to serving the GREATER WHOLE, religiously. In return, the GREATER WHOLE gives them high level organic technology, nanotechnology, heightened psionics and psycho-chemistry skills.

Their technology is based on the GREATER WHOLE, and much of it integrate itself biological with its users – bio-cybernetics, etc.  One important note about the sensory systems.  A Talgorians senses are considerably lacking and they rely on technology provided by the GREATER WHOLE to enhance it.   They rely on nanite dust particle drones that float in the air.  They put off a strong bio-signal , which they can sense.  When something passes through or by them, the air currents and the physical presence are sensed – an enhanced motion sensor.



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