Tanner Narzyn (deceased)

Tanner Narzyn (deceased)

Young Human Weapons Technician

Carzyn told the New Republic forces that Moff Sarne had enslaved and betrayed his family, and managed to get assigned to the FarStar as a weapons technician. Responsible for maintaining both the ship’s turbolasers and starfighter weapon systems, Carzyn was outwardly loyal to the New Republic. However, he secretly planned to jump ship when the FarStar came into contact with Sarne’s forces. Despite feeling betrayed, Carzyn was torn between a desire to go after Sarne himself, or defect and join him in his fight.

Carzyn was wholly loyal to the Empire, believing it to be the best means of keeping order in the Galaxy. By extension, he was fully loyal to Moff Sarne following the fragmentation of the Empire after the Battle of Endor.

Carzyn’s feelings following his abandonment on Kal’Shebbol by Sarne were confused. On one hand, he wanted revenge on the Moff for leaving him behind despite his loyalty. On the other, he wanted to defect and rejoin the Moff. He struggled with the decision throughout his service on the FarStar.


Died: DS Date 175, Exocron Orbit

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