TCG February 2018 Contest Entry: Outpost

TCG February 2018 Contest Entry: Outpost

I wasn’t sure I was going to enter this contest but when I found some packing material at work, I collected up 3 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper bottles and formulated an idea.  It was partially inspired by Commissar Gamza’s Make Terrain From Trash! EP 40 – Communication Array!  I used quite a bit of trash in this build.  The packing material I found at wrok was used for the walls.  The dish is an old electrical plug, a top to a to-go bowl, and packing material left over from my kid’s new bikes.

My idea was an automated outpost with defenses on the towers (bottoms of the bottles).  The tops of the bottles would be used for the dish-tower. I put all together while at the same time working on another project.  So this is a little slapped together.

UPDATE 3/7/2018 – Happy birthday to me!  I was not selected as one of the 5 finalists, unfortunately.  And I totally understand why.  The final 5 were way out of my league.  While mine might have been a good build utilizing everything, others were amazing colorful and well built.  Much better than mine.  True artists.


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