Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Finale and verdict

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Finale and verdict

OK, so I finally watched the finale. A short-lived series that apparently is not returning to TV (or likely not returning). I guess there is a chance it will return because it is considered “on the bubble” but because of the writer`s strike, a lot of good shows are getting killed. So I would not surprised if this gets canned.

But the final verdict is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is deep seeded in Terminator mythology. I LOVED the scene in the finale with John seeing his dad as a 5 YO child. What a surreal thing to experience. Imagine! I had said at one time, the Reese boys had to be kids in 2007, with Judgement Day coming up now in 2011.

Overall, the show is a lot more serialized than other shows today. Yes, the serial show is having a comeback and most shows you have to watch from start to end to get the plot. Good examples are Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate. But in those shows, there is an episodic plot to each episode. T:SCC had less espisodic feel and more of a strung along plot.

My biggest problem, I guess, was it did feel like a cheap remake of T2. But it explores a lot more than T2, simply because of the TV series nature.

This series is supposed to lead into the new triology of movies. I hope they bruing it back so we can have a good lead into the movies. It has a lot of potential.

For example, this blond girl at the high school that seems to be living the same life as John. This could easily get into other terminator missions Skynet set out. John Connor could not be the only problem child Skynet has.

One thing I noticed in the finale that I think writes them into a corner is the scale of Skynet’s plots. The one traffic control program can not be the only element of Skynet that he is working on. Like John said about Moore’s Law, the number of ‘Transistors’ will double every iteration. Well, for something like Skynet – a global computer bent on destroying humanity – it has to start out with more than one transistor. SkyNet probably has other T-888s our there encouraging other programmers and robotics experts building each cogg and gear all over the world. Destroying one won’t make that big a difference.

I also feel like in the end, the lesson of the whole series (movies and show) is that the future is unavoidable, because it only seems like they are postponing Judgement Day and not stopping it.

And once again, the world seems to revolve around LA. Sheesh, the hubris of the Californians is unbelievable.

We’ll see next season…

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