Tharkold: The Sourcebook of Techno-Horror Reality

Tharkold: The Sourcebook of Techno-Horror Reality

Below is a list of creatures that were converted from Torg to Dark Conspiracy. These are from the Sourcebook for Tharkold. Beneath each creature is a Dark Conspiracy Tie-In section, which are suggested ways to work the creature into the Dark Conspiracy Mythos. The GM can choose to use these creatures anyway he or she sees fit. This is why not a lot of background and “fleshing out” is written here – primarily to leave the GM with maximum flexibility without loosing the feel of the original creature design. Sections like The Mythology, The Reality, The Behavior and Reproduction are left open for the GM to interpret.


Strength 9
Constitution 9
Agility 2
Intelligence 1
Education 1
Charisma 1
Empathy 1
Initiative 3
Move 3/10/20/40
Skill/Dam 6/2D6
Hits 8/16
Appear 2d10


Ghuls are similar to Animated Zombies in many ways. The primary difference is that they are animated via technomagical ways. This means makes them revenously hungry for living flesh.

Natural Weapons

Like Animated Zombie.

Dark Conspiracy Tie-In

Just another Zombie.

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