Falkenville, The Citadel & The Evolved

Falkenville, The Citadel & The Evolved

This was a handwritten adventure that I transcribed (and slightly modified)  that I ran back in the day, using my version of Star Frontiers under a modified Zebulon’s Guide system.  This adventure used a map found in the first Alien Vs. Predator comic for the colony.  As I was transcribing it, I added the notion of the “Warmer” as part of the plot, so I added it to the map as well.


The PCs will be hired again by Cassidine Development Corporation (CDC) to escort an archeological expedition to a Rim colony on a planet called Eltross.  This expedition is lead by Professor Ami’lik “Ames” Itok (Vrusk).    Dr. Ames is very secretive, reclusive and quiet on the ship and stays in his cabin often.

His expeditionary team specializes in ancient xeno-technology, and related studies.  They are going to Eltross to investigate something called the Citadel. Other than that, the team does not speak of what they are doing on Eltross.

They are going aboard a CDC transport, crewed by CDC personnel.  The characters are to act as security and supplemental personnel for the expedition. The expeditions equipment includes a large amount of low-temperature weather equipment, radiation equipment, as well as extremely high tech and rare analysis equipment.

The Transport is called the {SHIP NAME}

Eltross is located in a system recently investigated on the Rim of the Frontier, in what used to be Mechanon space.  The majority of the surface of made up of frozen steppes, with several feet of snow constantly covering the more northern regions, the equator being more temperate.  The atmosphere is Earth-normal aside from the extremely low-temperatures.  There are other habitable regions north of the equator found in crater-like valleys labelled “warm spots” because they tap into the geothermal veines found deep under the surface.

Planet: Eltross

Rotation: 48 hour day

Indigenous Creatures

Snow Worm.  A creature that commonly travels along the regions with deep snow and ice.  Large creature that loves warm flash.  Detects pray through thermal vision.

CDC placed a colony – Falkensville – on the sparse habitable “warm spots” of Eltross.



Small colony town of what was 506 humans, residing in one of a Eltross warm spot – called Prosperity Valley.  For many years, it was just a small uneventful colony town of Rynth ranchers and farmers.  That all changed with the Mechanons arrived.

The Mechanons landed in the far southeastern region of Prosperity Valley, in the Great Gorge area.  Under the own cloaking  devices, they were unseen by any of the colonists or their scanners.  For the past few months, the mechanons have been systematically kidnapping colonists to use their bodies and brains for more of their kind – cyborging people into mechanon hybrid warriors (see the Evolved).  Now the population of the colony is down to less than 200.

Despite being a “warm spot,” the temperatures of this location were still too low to excavate the ground for agricultural purposes.  Part of the colonies goals is to warm up these “warm spots” through use of terraforming technology to make them more friendly for colonizations.  The Terraforming “Warmer” is at the center of the town.

See the Falkensville Colony for details.

CDC Complex Maps

CDC Expedition

The PCs and seven others from CDC were sent down to assess the archeological value of the so-called Citadel.  The CDC thinks it is an ancient alien fortress.  Most of the expedition are completely unaware of the true significance of the Citadel, however.

CDC Expedition – Spy Within

One member of the expedition – D’alrusos Morius (Tor’Drani) –  is actually a [military] intelligence agent who is tasked with taking the Citadel, by force if needed and signal his superiors when it is secured.  He has support personnel within the crew of the transport that is taking them to Eltross.  He will first cause chaos through sabotage.  Then he will signal his compatriots on the transport and subsequently take control of the town.  Anyone that does not cooperate will be imprisoned.  They will then use the town’s resources to take control of the Citadel.

Why stop him?  Aside from endangering the colonists, there is another who is not who he seems to be. (See the Mor’adus)

NOTE: The [Military] knows what the Citadel is but has not informed the agent in the field.

The Mechanons

About 200 well-armed mechanons landed on the stolen and modified transport in the Great Gorge.  Since arriving, they have been systematically eliminating the Falkensville threat while at the same time, bolstering their numbers with cyborg warriors.  Their final objective is to capture the Citadel and use it contents to resurrect their species and their Empire.

However, the Mechanons are being manipulated by one that is not of their species.  Dimos – a renegade Morad or Mor’adusi – his commanding his small contingent of Mechanons in hopes of releasing what is in the Citadel.

The Mechanons – The Evolved

Using ancient technology Dimos had access to as well as organics from the colonists, the Mechnons have created a new version of themselves. They are called the Evolved.  They are developed inside a incubator chamber where the internal organic crystalline structure is grown.  This process is long and complex and involves careful implanting of organic material within the growing crystals. These organics are taken from human victims.  Meanwwhile, Mechanon thinkbots are readying the human victim’s brain. Once the incubator process is done, the brain-processor is place – a human brain reprogrammed to serve the Mechanon collective purpose.

Once the core Evolved is created – the War-Anon – the upgrade process begins.  Each is given a hardened armor endoskeleton, and then each is given an assigned set of weapons to match its programming.

Dimos’s contribution to the process was the organic tech that allowed the Mechanons to Evolve beyond their base crystalline structure.

The Mor’Adus

Also known as the Morad, they are an ancient race of Enforcers, enforcing their own sense of Law and Order.  They come from a distant part of the galaxy.   They enforced their creators Laws and imprisoned those that were dangerous. Their creators are long gone but the Morad still exist.

There are two on Eltross:  One true Morad and one that has gone rogue.

The true Morad is disguised as Ames using an ancient implant that allows him to shapeshift into a Vrusk.  However, the device has its drawbacks and he has to deactivate it once a day and revert to his original form or he will die a painful death. He takes drugs to prevent much of the damage but if he loses access to the drug, he will have to revert to his original form.  Being imprisoned would be a situational example of when this might occur.

The rogue Morad is known as Dimos and is manipulating the Mechanons to do his bidding.  He is not disguised.  He is responsible for the creation of the Evolved, a new version of a Mechanon warrior that surpasses any soldier or warbot ever devised.  Dimos wants the contents of the Citadel/Banisher for his own purposes.  Whatever is inside, he says, holds the key to the ultimate power.

The Citadel

The Citadel is an alien prison droneship called the Banisher.  Created by the Mor’Adus Masters, it is used to imprison the worst of the worst and send it hurtling through space away from their region.  He wishes to keep his identity hidden as long as possible.  Each level is a Security level, made up of traps and automated security drones.  The bottom holding cell is made of Federanium-like alloy.

The Ravers

The Ravers were an ancient barbaric and psionically talented race of bloodthirsty beings that were known for the savagery and strength.  They were constantly fighting any non-Raver and wiped out any enemy that stepped in their way.   They were known for their strategic prowess and military minds.  During what was called the Final Raver War, the Ravers were nearly wiped out by the Mor’Adus and their masters [The Shri’ik?].  The survivors of this war were gathered up and imprisoned on a Banisher, which was launched into space to be forgotten.

Ravers are sensitive to low-temperature.  They enter a hibernation-like state when they surrounding temperature reaches an extreme low point.  This Banisher, programmed with this information, found the perfect location on Eltross. Unfortunately, the Terraforming efforts by the CDC have made the region a little more warmer than when the Banisher landed and the Raver may wake up soon.


Falkensville Colony

Power Network

Made of underground power transfer conduits, connecting to the Energy Plant (Main Power Control Computer Level 4) and Main Complex (Auxiliary Power Control Computer Level 4)

Power Source

  1. Main Power – Chemically refined bio-waste fuel; methane based compound burns with little polution.
  2. Secondary Power – High Performance solar collectors positioned on the roofs of the major structures in the colony.  Energy is stored in cells found in the underground power system
  3. Auxiliary/Emergency Power – only accessible through level 4 Computer Security System, these large para-batteries have enough power in them to power the colony for two months, at minimum operation.

Power Control Systems – the power network can be accessed through two computers mentioned above or through the Emergency terminals located at various points throughout the colony (see Computer Network)

  1. Power Control – Computer Sec. Sys. Level 7 to any vital system/program (cut off/on, overload, etc).
  2. Power Control – Computer Sec. Sys. Level 3 to any non-vital system/program (section cut off/on,  invoke secondary power, etc).

Computer Network

The network is connected up with underground connector conduits and backed up with a wireless network.  There are many levels of access to the network.

Residential Terminals (RT) – Level 1  Computers – These are basically public access systems that have no vital access.  To access the levels above this requires the following:

  1. RT network -> Vital Public Systems = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 2
  2. RT network -> Vital Commercial Systems = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 3
  3. RT network -> Sectional System Terminal Net = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 6
  4. RT network -> Main Network Systems = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 8 + Computers Sec. Sys. Level 9

Vital Public System (VPS)  – Level 2 Computers – This accesses all the systems vital to local residence – food dispensary, water, sewers, environmental control and security.  To access any computer network tower, no check is needed.  TO access the network levels above this, it requires the following:

  1. VPS network -> Vital Commercial Systems = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 2
  2. VPS network -> Sectional System Terminal Net = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 5
  3. VPS network -> Main Network Systems = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 6 + Computers Sec. Sys. Level 7

Vital Commercial System (VCS) – Level 3 Computers – This accesses all the systems vital to Commercial sector:  trading, business,  contracts, inventory, legal, etc.  It also has access to sectional control computers for particular business locations within the colony – it accesses computer that control many of the physical and virtual needs of each business location that are not part of the other networks.

Any attempt to access these network levels below VCS does not need a check.  Any attempt to access levels above this level require the following:

  1. VCS network -> Sectional System Terminal Net = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 5
  2. VCS network -> Main Network Systems = Computers Sec. Sys. Level 6 + Computers Sec. Sys. Level 7

Sectional System Terminal Network (SST)Level 4 Computers – This accesses the individual control system that monitors and controls specific systems.  Each system has a main control, an auxiliary control, and an emergency terminal hook up.  Sections under the SST include:

  • Sectional Power
  • Computer Net Control
  • Utilities
  • Environmental
  • Communications
  • Orbital Satellite Command & Control
  • Security
  • “Warmer” Control

Each system has their own Main Control computer located in or around the main complex related to that function.  Auxiliary Control is located in the Main Control Complex or Command & Control.  Emergency Terminals are located through out the colony and require Sec. Sys. Open Locks or Deactivate Sec. Sys. check against a Security Device Level 5 (twice).   Once passed the security locks, one has access to all the section control systems.  Each control system however has its own security level.

To access from Section Control to any lower level does not  require a check.  To access the Main Network (the Core), one much get passed a Level 5 and Level 7 Security Program.


Sewage/WaterEnviroCommSat ControlSec ControlRobot/Drones
Main Terminal

Lvl 3. Loc: Utility Con

Lvl 2. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 2. Loc : Water Plant

Lvl 2. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 1. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 3. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 3. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 2. Loc: Main C&C or Utility Con

Auxiliary Terminal

Lvl 4. Loc: Main Aux Con

Lvl 2. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 2. Loc: Backup Utility Con

Lvl 2. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 1. Loc: Main C&C

Lvl 4. Loc: Main Aux Con

Lvl 4. Loc: Main Aux Con

Lvl 3. Loc: Main Aux Con

Emergency Terminal

Level 5

Level 3Level 3Level 3Level 2Level 5Level 5Level 4

Level is the Computer Security Level, followed by the Location of the system.

Security Systems

The security System is controlled by a computer network.  Any character can use the system that has passed the Security programs and  has Computer Access/Operate as well as the Security skills required. There are many different aspects of the Colony Security Systems.

  1. Sectional Lock Down – this is a Level 5 Security Operation through Main or Auxiliary Security Control.  It can lock down or seal off with security bulkhead doors, any section of the colony, down to a single room.
  2. Security Surveillance – this is a level 3 Security Operation from a Security Terminal.  It accesses all the numerous cameras spread across the colony.
  3. Security Lock Monitor – Accessing this is a level 3 Security Operation from any Security Terminal and this operation accesses and monitors (and can be made to reprogram) all major door locks in the Colony, including lock down doors.  The levels of security locks vary from door to door.
  4. Robotic Security Measures – This is a Level 4 Security Operation from any Security Terminal and activated 45 Colony Security Robots.  It also allows the options for the operator to control these robots.  [Colony Security Robots.  Armor 20pt.  STA: 150. Weapons: Gatling-Cannons (DMG 100 max) Attack +8.
  5. Colony Perimeter Security – Perimeter Security is monitored by networked Security Drones linked to Main Security computers.  To monitor or control these drones is a Level 2 Security Operation.  The drones are flying surveillance robots with an extended array of sensors and scanners.  There are several spread out into three consecutive perimeter lines – outer, middle, and inner.  They have a specific pattern they fly unless ordered otherwise.  Each docks at a solar charging regularly between patrols.


Required Encounters

(1) Military Takeover

WIthin the CDC expedition and the crew of their transport is a faction of military agents who’s mission is to take over the expedition and the Citadel.  With the help with agents that shuttle down from the transport, these soldiers take over the colony, capture all threatening and essential personnel and imprison them in holding cells.  All other colonists are disarmed and secured in their homes.

With the help of their new alien friend (who begins to lose his disguise while under confinement), the PCs may escape.

(2) Ravers Power

The Ravers have thawed out more than anyone knows, thanks to the Terraforming of the Valley.  The Ravers have highly developed Psionics and can use them quite effectively.  One special tactive is similar to conventional shelling of enemy positions.  It is called the Plague of Insanities.  They mentally transmit psionic power into the minds of their enemies in order to drive them mad.  It destroys the rational though and driving them violently insane.  It triggers the base Kill or be killed instinct in all sentient beings.

This plague affects certain individuals faster than others, depending on the individual mental stability and whether they are a mentalist or not. However, unless stopped, everyone is affected.

The Mor’Adus have developed a resistance to the plague through regular injections of a serum called Psionathlin.  Ames has a supply in his quarters.  To get to his quarters, the PCs will have to go through a colony full of raving lunatics.

OPTIONAL: One of the PCs (perhaps a Psionically talented character) is being affected by the Plague in a different way.  The Ravers try to convince the PC that they are not the evil ones and the Mor’Adus are actually the evil ones.  The Ravers are wrongfully imprisoned.

(3) Evolved Arrive

A Evolved War-anon enters the Colony to kill anyone seen as a threat.  He comes first by setting off the Perimeter alarms and slowly drives inward to the Colony.