The Cythar Robotic Army

The Cythar Robotic Army

Robot Assassin, Extermination Droids, Security Droids, Assault Droids, Labor Droids created by  Cythars & the Mechanons

Spikers: Mass produced small deadly robots that the Sathars “spray” in one particular area to exterminate vermin resistance.

Tank Droids/Ravager: Robotic tanks that roam the surface of Ninguis.


Scavanger Droids/Hunter: Large robotic trucks that collect raw materials from all over the planet’s surface.

IMPP Security Droids (Light, Medium, Heavy): Several different types of security robots that the Cythar use to guard their IMPPs on Ninguis

Driller Robot: Giant drilling machine used in the mining operation of Ninguis.

Stealth Security Robots:  Security droids that transformed to other things to hide from their prey.  Used on board the L4 Station.

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