03: The Dark Deal. The Skull of Crystal

03: The Dark Deal. The Skull of Crystal

Time Period: SW:ANH +8 months

Where: Omze’s Incredible Travelling Starport

The Lovely Angel needed repairs badly. Their ship was barely operational. The crew needed a starport, but there weren’t many starports in the area anyone trusted. However, Omze’s Incredible Travelling Starport was known to stop in this area and if they were lucky…

The Force was with them as the great starport owned by the human-hating alien known as Omze dropped out of hyperspace with in sensor range. They set coarse and were soon docked in the most extravagant travelling docking facility in the galaxy. With a cargo full of rare objects from Bofa, they made plans to try to sell some of it. The first had to determine what they had.

The items varied from the game pieces to a crystalline draconian-skull, to small empty crystalline boxes to a jeweled eye-ball. The Jedi with help from his companions, tested each an d everyone for any hidden powers left over from Bofa’s former master. Some proved to be greatly dangerous, others’ functions could not be determined. They gathered the seemingly useless items, and set out to make a deal.

They found that Omze’s Starport had a vast bazaar packed in one of his larger cargo bays. The humans stayed on board the Lovely Angel as the aliens sought out a dealer for their items. Unfortunately, Bastian didn’t stay long. He heard there was casinos aboard and found his way there. What he won was more that he gambled for. He met a woman who seemed rather enamored with him. Being young and virile, he soon found himself seduced by this young brunette named Shasti.

Meanwhile, Yuri decided to wonder the ship in search of the boy, but instead found herself engaged in a drinking games with a Barabel, a Wookie, and a large human from the Rim. She was enjoying the attention, but before she knew it, she was drunk, and senseless, unaware of what happened the remainder of the night.

The remainder of the group was lost in the bazaar, finding more things than they could ever buy. Mishavek was “invited” to speak with a local crime lord. It’s name was Sheee’ard and it was a species only talked of in legend,… a Star Dragon. This was a very rare visit for anyone. He was given a warning from all Star Dragon’s… “Do not pursue the Dragon Destiny. It will only bring Chaos and destruction to all, and it will start with the Star Dragons destruction.” They feared this Dragon Destiny, and Mishavek knew not why.

Clarke was wondering about in the bar, where thought he spotted his nemesis, Jodo Kast. He attempted to surprise him, but in turn the figure in Mandaloran Armor surprised him. It was not Kast. It was Boba Fett. Fett was here for Clarke, but not to hunt him down. He wanted to make a deal with Clarke… dispose of Kast. Clarke agreed, but his mind echoed with one of the bounty hunter’s creeds… hunters never kill hunters…

A deal for the artifacts was made with a xeno-archeologist, who wanted to meet in a secluded spot onboard, where his benefactor and a large sum of credits would be waiting if they bring the items. They sent Clarke in alone with everyone else backing him up through different points around the secluded spot. It was well guarded by silent figures in unfamiliar armor. Clarke was lead up to a sealed room, which made him nervous. In the shadows of this room stood the buyer… a hauntingly familiar mechanical-breathing-sound coming from the figure… Darth Vader. Vader was here to buy known items of some dark jedi origin. Clarke stifled his fear. The transfer was made, he checked the cred-stick he was handed, and he was gone, calling to all his back up to “get the hell off the station”. He didn’t realize before it was too late that the cred-stick was wired to reduce to zero once out of the vicinity of Vader. That large sum of money was reduced to the meager down-payment he had received upon making the deal. This did not make Clarke happy, and he vowed to take the money from the Empire one way or another with interest… a lot of interest.

Yuri, meanwhile, in a daze and unclear were she was, finally ended up back at the Lovely Angel. She stumbled into the wrong bedroom to find Bastian in bed. Before she knew what was happening, they were in the throes of passion, with Bastian calling out a strange name… “Shasti, oh Shasti…”

The Imperials, realizing who was on-board… the famed Dirty Pair, wanted for crimes against the Empire and the Corporate Sector Authority… on the Starports next stop, sent a shuttle of troopers to the Lovely Angel’s hanger to impound the ship. When the group stumbled across the Imperials efforts, a battle broke out, and the resulting destruction earned the Lovely Angel a quick drop off from Omze’s Starport.