07: The Dismantling: Pirates of Prexiar

07: The Dismantling: Pirates of Prexiar

Time Period: SW:ANH +9 months

Where: Planet Tresidiss & Planet Prexiar

City Hifferval was a different city than Tralas. It was set into an huge crater, formed by a large impact centuries ago. The builders figured that lightening wouldn’t strike twice in the same spot, but they didn’t take into consideration the Dirty Pair.

With the droid in their possession, all that was holding them to Tresidiss was the ship damage they suffered in the Alderaan system plus what ever damage it suffered during the earthquake. City Hifferval was overwhelmed by the Dirty Pair hype that hit the planet, and so hiding was difficult. They decided to attempt to lay low while their ship continued to be repaired. While they attempted to stay hidden, a group of Imperials infiltrated the starport posing as Imperial inspectors, and found their way to the Lovely Angel hangar bay. The party members were spread out across the city, so only droids were left to guard her. The Imperials, under orders from their commander, who was paid by Khitan, the crime lord after the Dirty Pair, meticulously dismantled the Lovely Angel, part by part. Meanwhile, someone had gotten wind of this plan, and infiltrated this infiltration disguised as another Imperial inspector, where they “acquired” a few essential parts and sold them too pirates, but this was no normal robbery.

The group members were somewhat irate once they discovered their ship spread across the hangar bay in pieces. They attempted to get information for the local security, only to run into a bounty hunter set up. They were able to get enough information to conclude that the Imperials were responsible for the damage. They tracked down the Imperials, but the Dirty Pair hype finally caught up with them while they were chasing the Imperial Shuttles. Swoop gangs, and air-speeder gangs, attempting to help the group inadvertently started a city-wide riot. In the fray, the party were able to stop the Imperials before the escaped, however the stolen parts they assumed the Imperials had were no where to be seen.

They returned to their hangar, where the droids were busy repairing the ship. They were then visited by Jodo Kast. The battle was intense. Apparently Kast had recruited help. In the end, Clarke was determined to finish their fight, and finish it here. It wasn’t easy, but Kast was captured, and unmasked. Clarke found himself staring at a clone of himself; Kast was a clone of Clarke (or vice-versa). Kast made a deal with Clarke. He would give Clarke the coordinates of a planet that has thousands of clones, escaped from the Empire through an underground clone railroad. Some of these were more of Clarke’s “model”. He would give him this if Clarke lets him go. Clarke took time to think about it, while Kast remained alive inside a cage in the hangar.

They were able to gather more information about the possibility that their starship parts were sold to pirates. They would have to contact a person named Jack Badlander to find out more. This Badlander was supposed to be the strongest connection to area pirates in town. They sought this person out, and found her (Jacklynn Badlander) in her starship junk yard. She did hear about some recent sales of equipment they were describing and knew where they went. Almost too coincidental. She said , for a price, she would show them where these pirates were, and help them retrieve their missing equipment.

She led them to Prexiar, where they found a pirate base. However, what else they found shocked them all. They found an Imperial Garrison, on planet for maneuvers, being friendly with the pirates. They watched as the apparent leader of the pirates met with the leader of the Imperials. The Imperial leader was Tremayne. The pirate leader was Shasti, the Dirty Pair’s nemesis. It came apparent that Tremayne was here for other reasons. They watched as Shasti suddenly received a field commission into Tremayne’s forces. The party had to get in there.

The group ambushed a patrol, and infiltrated the base in Imperial uniforms, carrying those who couldn’t fit in Stormtrooper armor as prisoners. The prisoners were taken to holding cells, and everyone else was told to look for the others of the prisoners’ party. After an unexpected visit by a young vice admiral named Thrawn, apparently dropping off a load of creatures suspected of Force-Sensitivity, the crew of the Lovely Angel set out to make a plan to get their equipment from the pirates and leave planet without Tremayne discovering them.

One prisoner was the droid, 7D6, who took interest in him. He ordered the droid to be transported to his ship, and stored “with the others.” The 7D6 discovered what the others were… more of his model. Before they could wipe his memory, he detached one of his legs (see Character List for explanation), found a replacement, and escaped before Tremayne’s ship and crew came crashing down onto Prexiar in a giant triangle of flame.

The wookie was dropped into a pit and the Ewok was tortured and interrogated by Tremayne. The wookie, found his way through caves underneath the cells, and befriended the true leader of the pirates who was also in a cell, his name being Vangar. Ironically, after freeing the pirate and the Ewok, Vangar swore a blood-oath to the wookie, promising any aid he needs.

The crew members on planet used the sight of the Star Destroyer exploding, visible from the ground, to execute their plan. They caused havoc in the encampment. Disguised as Imperials, they blamed the havoc on the pirates. A battle started, and in the fray, the party members gathered the items they needed. They spotted Jack go off in another direction and begin to load another lift with other cargo. It became apparent that the party was used. But what for? She revealed, when confronted in the middle of battle, that she was a Rebel, and needed a group to help her get cargo. It was thought best to keep them uninformed of the true nature of the mission for security reasons, so she arranged for their parts to be stolen and given to the pirates. They had little time to discuss it any further. Jack left in a shuttle, leaving the crew of the Lovely Angel to their fate, promising if they get back from Prexiar, she will pay them back with anything they need.

With everyone free, the group quickly “requisitioned” an Imperial shuttle, and escaped in a blaze of destruction, causing Tremayne as much destruction as possible. They were even able to find the Dirty Pair’s long lost “pet”, Mughi in amongst the animals Tremayne was collecting. They were not all victorious. Now, two powerful enemies of the group are allied, serving one purpose – to see the Dirty Pair and their comrades executed.

Clarke returned to the hangar to find Kast go, and security camera showing a dark shadowy figure helping him escape. However, left behind in a droid was data about a planet call Rotut, where his clone-friends were supposed to be. Clarke’s destiny was laid before him.