The Dresden Files & Painkiller Jane Cancelled

The Dresden Files & Painkiller Jane Cancelled

Not surprisingly, both these shows have been cancelled, `Dresden Files` had its problems because the episodes were shown in the wrong order. But it had much more potential than Painkiller Jane. PKJ simply made me sick.

It seems that the execs at sci-fi are trying to insert too much drama into the sci-fi genre and neglecting the reason we watch it in the first place… the paranormal, supernatural, and fictional science that we love in fantasy and sci-fi. `Battlestar Galactica` is suffering from the same problem. The last 5 or so episodes of BSG were just horrible and boring. `Flash Gordon` also is suffering from the same problem.

We do not watch the Sci-fi channel to get soap-opera crap. We can get that at any of the other mainstream networks. We watch Sci-fi for Sci-fi. I fear that Sci-fi has fallen prey to the `Clear Channel` syndrome – give them a bunch of crap with the just enough of what they want so they won`t change the channel.

The only shining light right now is the `Farscape` webisodes. I can only hope that it is a test for a possible new series.

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