The Enigmus Collection

The Enigmus Collection

A Collection of items that hold the secret to something only a dead madmen and paranoid know the nature of.  Items found so far and where:

Transcripts of Caen & Magnatius (Criticorum) & Enigmus Cryptex (Criticorum)

Altar of Grasaen (Criticorum)


Focal Gem of Raz’Bog (Criticorum)

Prism-Beacon of Bog’raz (Pentateuch)


Enigmus-Clavis or the Artumus Key (Pentateuch)


The Handblade of Nagorus


The Resonus Caudex


The Enigmus Cryptex – a decoding device that helps in the use of the Enigmus collection.

First Cryptex Clue:  Fourth in Prime

Artumus Key Pasages

Key to death or life, dark or light

Eskaton around the bend

Altar of Grasaen, fit it in right

Complete the circle to end


Blue is true, darkness behind

The heart of the worthy tested each time

Angels above, Demons below

Animal Spirits to the west

The first of God’s people to the east


Crystal arises, heart of the beacon beats

Place in the prism for the revealing light

The enigmas-clavis fragmentum unseats

Beware the light direct, soul burn it might


Elsewhere in the related passages is one phrase:  4th of Prime


Fifth in Leonardo of Pisa, son of the good-natured one


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