The Force, a perspective

The Force, a perspective

Something got me started thinking, and I figured I would share my thoughts with the rest of the group. I don’t want to be flamed, just want to provoke thought.

What got me started thinking was one of those “evil” cross-over questions. The question was this…. “In a battle of psionic power, who would win? Kosh (B5) or Yoda?” Well, I picked Yoda, of course, and one of those the posed the question (and who incidently chose Kosh) said something along the lines of ” What is the Force but another aspect of psionic power…” Well, that’s what got me thinking, because I don’t believe that is true. I told him it was a lot more than that, but I didn’t elaborate. If I had the opportunity, this is how I woudl elaborate on the subject…

My theory on the Force and it’s relation to Psionic Power

The Force is so much more than psionic power. A Force-User is simply a channeler of the forces of the universe; the forces within and outside him. A force-User channels the Forces of good or evil; pure order or pure chaos through his soul. A psi-user does not involve his soul or the forces of the universe, just the power or the Force that is accessible with his own mind. The Force User goes beyond the confines of his own mind, and taps his soul and it’s own connection to the universe. the universe is made up of chaos and order (evil and good), and that’s why a Force-user has paths to choose from, and each path has different results. A Psi-user has only one path, and that is within his own mind…

Just my perspective…

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