Background: The Formation

Background: The Formation

This is something I wrote in trying to integrate the Frontier into the [Sovereignty] setting.  This does not really jive to the new timeline where I replaced the Terran Empire with my own Terran Expanse, however.  When I had to re-write things to take out all references to a certain RPG, things began to really change from my original work.  This is just one example.

During the First Expansion of the Frontiers, evidence of a human empire from a world called Terra was found on many of the new planets.  This hinted that at least the human worlds were perhaps a former Terran Empire colonies.  The Frontier’s close vicinity to [Sovereignty of Man] tends to support that theory.  However, the question has been raised – what about a Vrusk, Dralasite or Yazirian empire.  Did they ever exist?

Since the discovery of the Terran Empire links to Frontier humans, researchers at Zebulon University have been researching the subjects of the various species and their lost histories.  Expeditions from the university has been searching for evidence of any kind.  Recent findings have supported the theory that there were once considerable empires for each of the Frontier alien species.  The evidence also shows there was once an alliance of these empires (around 8000-7000 pf) that they dubbed the Tetrarch Union of Worlds, named after the fabled ancient alien confederation, Tetrarch Society.

Within this Union of Worlds was the United Vrusk Expanse, the Dralasite Community of Space, the Yazirian Empire, the Humma Assembly of Worlds, and the Ifshnit-Osakar Coalition.  There was also evidence that there was a ruling ancient race that controlled the ruling body of this Union, called the Teldra.  The Teldra were perhaps the last surviving species from the original Tetrarch Societies.

The Union began to collapse after centuries of existence when the last Teldra died.  This was followed by an intense war with an unknown alien race dubbed the Annihilators, who seemed to attack as if they were waiting for the last Teldra to die off. This new enemy was savage, with a great hatred of the Tetrarch and their legacy.  Their goal was to wipe out the existence of anything related to the Tetrarch Society.  This war – dubbed the Annihilation War (around 2000 pf) – completely devastated the Union of Worlds.  The Annihilators were thorough in their war, that knowledge of both the Tetrarch Society and the Union of Worlds were all but lost.  Even the homeworlds of each of the species were destroyed or lost.

Pockets of each member of the Union existed for millennia isolated and alone.  Homeworlds were forgotten, empires were written as legend.   Meanwhile, the Terran Empire was growing and waging war after their final world war in 1480 pf.  First was the Terran-Kzin wars of 1440 to 1350 pf, followed by the Terran-Khalia wars starting in 1340 pf and ending in 1245 pf.  From these wars, Terra gained many allies, technology advancements and political ego.  The Terran Empire was finally stopped and nearly wiped out by the Dominion-Expanse War.

The fragments of what was left of the Terran Empire were left to fend for themselves.  One of those worlds was called Alpha Dawn.  Alpha Dawn recovered independently over a span of about 500 years.  At the same time, the Vrusks, Dralasites and Yazirians were rebuilding their own expansions into known space.  The Frontier was finally built from fragments of these empires.

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