The Gate of the Gods

The Gate of the Gods

The Gate of the Gods: (Carved Rock Face).

The Gate of the Gods, or the “Puerta de Hayu Marca” has been at some time in the distant past carved out of a natural rock face and in all measures exactly seven meters in height by seven meters in width with a smaller alcove in the centre at the base, which measures in at just under two meters in height.

Legend tells of the time when the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Peru and looted gold and precious stones from the Inca tribes. According to one legend an Incan priest of the Temple of the Seven Rays named Amaru Meru (Aramu Muru) fled from his temple with a sacred golden disk known as “the key of the gods of the seven rays”, and hid in the mountains of Hayu Marca. He eventually came upon the doorway which was being watched by shamen priests. He showed them the key of the gods and a ritual was performed with the conclusion of a magical occurrence initiated by the golden disk which opened the portal, and according to the legend blue light did emanate from a tunnel inside. The priest Amaru Meru handed the golden disk to the shamen and then passed through the portal “never to be seen again”. Archeologists have observed a small hand sized circular depression on the right hand side of the small entranceway, and have theorized that this is where a small disk could be placed and held by the rock.


This is said to lay along a ley line with other Ancient Sites. The idea I had was that this was a localized teleportation device used by other Ancients to transport across the planet without the use of a ship. Tapping the power of the ley lines, all it took was a focal device made of a special element (Naquadah?) to create a localized wormhole.


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