01: The Gathering

01: The Gathering

Time Period: SW:ANH +6 months

Where: Planet Tatooine

Kei & Yuri, piloting their Ghotroc Stock Freighter, the Lovely Angel, to Tatooine, landed in Mos Eisley to find a suitable and affordable engineer and scout. They were been sent to Imperial Space from the CS to wait until things cool-down. Their employer, WWWA Coporation, is at odds with the CSA, and are under their watchful eye. The 3WA strongly sympathizes with the Rebellion. They find Mishavek a perfect hire for the jobs they need.

Parax, 7D6, and George arrived in Mos Eisley after the Rebel Parax escaped from a nearby Imperial base. Infiltrating the base with a group of commandos for intelligence gathering, his entire team were wiped out by a setup, and he escaped only due to the help of a wookie and a renegade protocol droid, who accompany him seeking positions in the Rebellion.

The two groups met in a blaze of glory, and escaped. Parax knew he had to reach the nearest Rebel base to report the mission failure, but his thoughts were interrupted by another… through the Force, he heard a calling. Someone strong in the Force called him to Bofa II, out on the edge of the Rim. They set course, with promise of treasure and adventure.

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