05: The Ghost Ship: The Salvage of the Second Chance

05: The Ghost Ship: The Salvage of the Second Chance

SW:ANH +8 months

Where: On board the Alderaanian War Frigate Second Chance

They did not know it yet, but the adventure to come would bring the crew into the dark side of hyperspace, the void within the void, the enigmatic Hyper-N-Space… to chase down the War Frigate, the Second Chance. The Second Chance, within its bowels, holds the thousands of years worth of expert weaponry work of the Alderaanians, who used to be masters of war before their planet-wide peace effort. However, to get to it, the challenge was to gain control of the ship and drop out of Hyper-N-Space safely. That was easier said than done.

The crew members of the Lovely Angel had been searching for about a week before their calculations correctly predicted the next appearance of the Second Chance. It appeared like before, like an apparition. They attempted to dock, however when the Second Chance went back into Hyper-N-Space again, things got difficult. Caught in a whirlwind of alien energies, their ships smashed into the hull of the Second Chance, only to merge with it. The boarding followed.

The ship was badly damaged, and it needed repairs before it could safely drop out of Hyper-N-Space. Navigations reported that the one of the next jumps would drop them directly in front of a large artificial mass… the ShadowChaser. It was important to gain control of the ship before that next jump, or they’d be facing one of the largest Imperial ship they’d ever seen. Tathis went insane, claiming the ship as his and sabotaging the crew members efforts to repair. Also, a strange creature from Hyper-N-Space was also reeking havoc on board. The battle with the strange unknown world of Hyper-N-Space, Tathis’ insanity, and time followed.

At one point, they were forced to drop into real space for short time. Just as they were returning to Hyper-N-Space, an escape-pod slammed into their side. Inside was a Wookie named Harry, searching for the darkness that had killed his brother, George. That search had brought him to Alderaan. He joined the party there.

Victory over their first problems did not completely bring them salvation. The last drop before the Prototype SSD brought on a swarm of Tie-Interceptors. The Ties were dragged into Hyper-N-Space with the Frigate once it re-entered. The Ties merged, the pilots survived, and a battle with new passengers slowed the repair effort even further. In the end, they repaired it in the nick-of-time, and gained full control of the Frigate. The merging of the player’s ships to the Second Chance turned out to be an effect of Hyper-N-Space and not permanent, so both ships were extracted easily.

The experience in Hyper-N-Space left one party member permanently scarred. He felt he had left something in Hyper-N-Space, left a part of his connection to the Force behind. He also gained something; something he didn’t think he wanted. He gained a challenge to prove his worthiness, from an entity that resides in Hyper-N-Space. This entity identified himself as part of the DragonWay, but what side he did not say. He wanted the Jedi to prove that he is worthy of the entities help. This left the Jedi with voices continually haunting him.

The Second Chance would soon serve another purpose before they could turn it over to the Rebels… serve to help destroy the cloaking Prototype SSD ShadowChaser.

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