The Globules Revised & Savaged

The Globules Revised & Savaged

System/Setting: Savage Worlds/Dark Conspiracy

Revised Globules adventure, from Challenge Magazine 74.

From the Adventure:

This adventure is for a medium-sized group of PCs. They need not be very experienced, but this scenario is not very suitable for a group of beginning PCs.

The adventure is set in a small town in Maine which is the site of a strange invasion by aquatic globular creatures that have intruded into Earth’s dimension in search of host bodies through which to work their terrible schemes. Matters are complicated by the fact that  the US government seems to be engaged in a deal with these beings. It is up to the PCs to uncover the truth of the situation and deal with the invaders and their unwitting allies.

I did not like the basic premise of the game, especially the character intro.  It did not make sense to me.  I changed it and added some modifications based on my “Small Town USA” article.

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