The Highbreed

The Highbreed

These were created after I started using the Zebulon’s Guide to Frontier Space.  Drawings were scanned in from originals on notebook paper.  Not my best work, of course, but just getting the concept across.  Some are stat’ed out and others not so much.  Never really saw the need to fully stat everything out. I also imagined other lesser Highbreed that I never got to conceptualize.

HighBreed Council
Highbreed: Dorig v2
Highbreed: Dorig v2
Highbreed Council Spokesman
Number: 1
Giant Omnivore (Intelligent)
5 meters tall
Mov: 70 m/turn, 25 Av

STR/ STA 500/400
DEX/RS: 70/85
INT/LOG: 100/100
PER/LDR: 90/90
Att +7

SPEC ATT: (1) Long Range Life Drain – Max Damage 75. Usable twice per day, Range 200m. (2) Power Ball – Max Damage 45. Range 150 m. (3) Hypno Stare – Roll [INT – 35] or Hypnotized. Other Special Abilities: Telepathy- sometimes uses it instead of speaking.

Dorig was an experiment involving combining a organic computer, think-bot technology, and psionic energy into one being to create the ultimate artificial higher-intelligence, However, the experiment went horribly wrong. Dorig’s physical body was supposed to have the structure of a normal human bring but unfortunately it mutated horribly. His brain became oversized, the genetically created muscle and bone structure distorted. The experiment was ruled as a failure but the mutations fascinated the scientists, so they sent him to Altrensia for observation.
Highbreed Council Member
Number: 1
6 meter tall Carnivorous Water Dweller, 1200 kg+

Highbreed Council Member
Number: 1
Large Omnivorous Water Dweller, 900 kg+
4.5 meters tall

Emon was in fact a scientist (formerly human) working in the bio-gen research and development department of Streel. They said he had an accident with one of his research projects. They say it merged with him. The project involved cross of two totally different animals from totally different worlds. Both merged with his human physiology after a bio-chemical spill that killed everyone else in the lab.

Highbreed Council Member
Number: 1. Giant Intelligent Carnivore, 8.5 meters long, 1000 kg, Serpentine Reptile with five blind heads.

Ardyh was created by Streel to use against lower developed aliens on planets the corporation wanted to develop. The rationale was that this creature could be used to impersonate a god-like being while the corporation exploited the planets resources in secret. However, they were not able to control the creature as it developed 5 separate personalities in the heads. It was cast off to Altrensia in hopes that it might become more controllable. It never did.
Highbreed Citizens
Highbreed: Hornflail
Highbreed: Hornflail
Highbreed Council Man at Arms/General
Number: 1
Giant Mammalian/Horned Carnivore (Intelligent). 4.5 meters, 300 kg
Movement: Medium 75 m/turn (30 av)

STR: 400/650
DEX/RS: 90/95
LOG/INT: 50/60
PER/LDR: 40/70

ATT: +8

Spec Att: Clawes (Max Dmg 60). Bite (55 max dmg). Mental Paralysis: Log – 30 or instant paralysis for 2d10 hours.
Spec Abilities: Great Jump (x4 normal jump distance)

Hornflail is in charge the Highbreed military and security, as well as body guard duty for the High Council itself. He is very honorable and strong willed, tending to be short and gruff to outsiders. However, he would give his life to protect the Highbreed and the Drell.

Hornflail was a result of a Wartech/Streel/MercCo supersoldier experiment. However, flaws in the design could not keep up with the metabolism required to support the creatures abilities. Only the Drell was able to correct the problems.


Highbreed Warrior. 2 meters tell bipedal, medium omnivore. 30 kg.
Number: 4 per squad. Total of 36 among the Highbreed.

Highbreed Scouts. Small Omnivores, Semi-intelligent. 1,5 meters long. Floaters. 20 kg

STR/STA: 40/30
DEX/RS: 65/90
INT/LOG: 30/30
PER/LDR: 10/10

Special Abilities: Camouflage/Translucency

Ee’tots were created by STREEL to be stealthy scouts or drones. They were intended to be material but immaterial; visible but invisible – a genetically created ethereal being. They were supposed to be able float in any atmosphere, defying any gravity, and pass through any kind of solid material. They has a considerable onboard organic computer that would allow them to interface with any computer and download anything they needed quickly. However, the first version were not immaterial enough, but there was hope that they would evolve into what they needed given the right environment and bio-chemical encouragement. They were dropped off on Altrensia in hopes that they would either evolve or die out.
Medium Ominvore. 2.5 meter length. 100 kg.
Number: 4 per squad. Total of 16 among the Highbreed.

Sathbats are a corporate attempt to create a new threat to the Frontier. Having acquired enough Sathar organic materail from the battlefield, STREEL and Wartech felt they could create a new threat to rekindle a new war (for their own benefit).

Highbreed Warrior. 5 meters long head to tail tip. Medium Reptilian Herbivore. 200 kg.
Number: 4 per squad. Total of 20 among the Highbreed.

Generically created tree-dwelling snipers, the Ardendra were created by combining various large tree dwelling animals with various tree frog genetics.

Highbreed Workers/Mounts.
Large Omnivore Bipedal Beasts. 3 meters head tail tip. 400 kg

Act as mules and fast-moving mounts.
HIghbreed: Headache
HIghbreed: Headache

Highbreed Worker. Medium Omnivore. 1 meter tall. 3 meter extendible tail. 4 meter elastic reach with tentacles.

Total of 30 among the Highbreed.

Ardyh’s Servants. Small Serpentine Omnivores 1 meter head to tail.
Four total among the Highbreed.

Servants to Drink.