The Hykosian Liberation Army, Reboot

The Hykosian Liberation Army, Reboot

(Under Construction)

This sums up what the core book says about the HLA –

They are a fascinating group, who believe that an alien species known as the Hykosians are going to invade Consortium space very soon. They are the self-appointed “fifth column” for this menace, using violence and terror to prepare the way for the aliens.

At one time, I simply treated them as a radical cult influenced by ancient tech sent over by the alien drones, the Hykosians.  I want to reboot them to something more sinister, darker and less tropy. Originally I also had spherical devices that turned out to be a muti-purpose McGuffin.  Ideas:

  • Mind Controlled Colonists – A lost colony ship that was captured by Bolter agents of the Hykosians that were implanted with some kind of tech to serve the Hykosians.  OR Psychically controlled bolters in strange alien armor {??}
  • Fringers lead by Alien Shapeshifters – B A bilter servant race to the Hykosians are leading a radical fringe group, manipulating them through their hatred of the Consortium and Fleet.

Nearly 50 year ago, Project Daedalus was an effort between a secret alliance of mega-corporations and Fleet to probe and map portions of the Shatterzone with drone-ships in search of “weaks spots.”  Bolters were coming through somehow, and they had to be through weak spots.  Several were found, including one near the Xenos Sector. It was labelled Point Forculus Beta or Point Forc-B.

Project Icarus was a secret attempt by the same cabal to penetrate the Shatterzone through some of  the weak points found by Project Daedalus.  Point Forc-B was the target of Icarus V.  Fleet supplied 4 heavy duty exploration ships and manned them with thousands of gen-gineered human clones specifically designed for this mission.  Fleet trained them as soldiers as well as colonists.  Placed in specially designed sleeper pods to survive the unpredictable energies of the ‘Zone.

Project Icarus was a failure.  Twelve missions went in.  Not a single ship returned or was heard from.  It was written off and the theory behind “weak spots” was scrapped.  What they don’t know is one returned secretly to form the Hykosian Liberation Army.

FSS Horizon’s Fade was one of the few that made it across.  It was heavily damaged.  Nearly   60% of the pods were damaged or destroyed, taking their clones with them. It limped into the space beyond the ‘Zone right into the clutches of a Hykosian patrol fleet.  The Hykosians captured the survivors and turned them into their own version of drones.  Their brains were injected with similar organics to their Sphere, putting them under the complete control of their Hykosian masters.  Only a few survived this process however.

The survivors of the Horizon’s Fade, numbering about 100, were secretly returned to the other side of the ‘Zone in a ship built from the remains of their old ship.  Arriving in the Exos Sector, neighboring Xenos, they had a cargo hold full of Hykosian spheres and Hykosian brain altering bio-tech.  They began their campaign of terror, recruiting from fragmented fringer groups and taking control of them, eventually drawing the attention of Fleet.

Recruiting from this region of the Inner Frontier was not hard.  They built a small army from the rejects, cast-offs, and lost of each world.  Psychologically manipulating those that would listen with a strange doctrine of servitude to the Hykosians and promise of ascension to a higher plain in return, disparate and fragmented groups found a new banner to join under.  Groups that would never have worked together before joined together under the banner of the Hykosians.  Eventually they became an army.




The Spheres