Location:Homeworld Oon-Tien; Spread throughout the Kathol Core Region

The Jarell is a former Imperial slave race that is very bitter. This has spawned a strong hatred for outsiders. Some still group in raiding parties and attack anyone that is not Jarell. The New Republic is working on a isolation treaty with their leadership, but it is not going well.

From Wookiepedia

Jarells were a humanoid species native to the planet Oon Tien in the Kathol sector. They developed a primitive society on their homeworld, organized into matriarchal city-states, before contact with colony ships from the Galactic Republic approximately three centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War. Jarells were a historically violent species; the various monarchies that ruled Jarell society forced their own young into periods of indentured servitude in exchange for weapons and technology. Since their discovery by the Republic, Jarells migrated to several other planets in the Kathol sector and were often found serving private citizens, corporations, and criminal organizations as hired muscle.

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