The Making of Vermin of Sarin Prime

The Making of Vermin of Sarin Prime

I am developing a one shot adventure for MACE East 2016 for The Last Parsec.  It does not have to be Savage Worlds or The Last Parsec but that’s what is pulling in players.  This adventure was first inspired by recent terrain work I have done.  I wanted something where I can use the following terrain:

From Impudent Mortals, the futuristic Bar

And from Creative Gamescapes, multiple level futuristic hallways and rooms

and it would be nice to include this from Impudent Mortals


I dove into The Last Parsec setting and saw many apparent influences that I assume it draws from – primary of which is Star Frontiers but also Star Drive.  Right up my alley.

I drew some inspirations from what I read, in particular noting that terraforming is a part of the setting.  I also drew some inspiration from a movie called Harbinger Down (see my article on The Gamer’s Codex about that one).  Already, I am leaning towards an Aliens like adventure but I do not want to make it obvious.  I saw the early released pilot of The Expanse and drew a little more inspiration from that.

Instead of just doing an Aliens crossover, I decided to create a semi-original idea that woudl end up getting me to something like the alien, to further the obfuscation of the inspiration.  I want look forward to the moment when I tell the players “For a lack fo a batter mini, I will use this to represent that bad guys…” and drop down a ton of rebased Horrorclix Alien minis.

But then I also have a ton of Predator minis.  So I devised a semi original re-interpretation of those as well, so I can do the same thing with those minis.

I look forward to it.

After a few play tests, I may see if some or another will publish it.

At MACE East 2016

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