Battle for Oz: The Nagayan

Battle for Oz: The Nagayan

The Lost Tribe of Mu, The Nomads of the Night, Tribe of Shadows, Tribe of Dusk or the Night Rovers.

Known as the Nagayan, these people are the most allusive and secretive of the Eastern Trackless Lands.  They travel nomadically at night and “hide” during the day.  They are experts in stealth and camouflage.  Very few people know much about them and they are very xenophobic.  It is rumored that they kill and eat anyone that stumbles upon their camp.  They are only spotted at night, shadowy figures travelling aimlessly across the Trackless lands of Gillikin.  They are the reason that few Tigermen tribes travel too far east into the Trackless Lands.

Many believe they are just myth and only few have had contact with them.  They trade on occasion, but only at designated locations that are kept secret and only at night.  They contact the other Gillikins tribes through specific intermediaries who are traditionally loners and hermits.  One particular intermediary is Rhar the Faithful.

The Nagayan in truth are a race of human hybrids that trace their origins to the tribes of the lost continent of Mu.  Due to a curse cast on them millennia ago, they are only humanoid during the night.  They shape shift into snakes during the day.  The Western Kingdom of the Mu was ruled by an evil Naga queen named Kadru.  She enslaved tribes of humans and magically created Naga-human hybrids to be her special servants and warriors.  These she called the Nagayan.

Around the time of Nonestica’s sinking, the Nagayan rebelled against their tyrannical queen and escaped through a magical portal created by their shamans.  However, not before the evil queen cursed her slaves.  Her intentions were to permanently transform them into snakes but failed to complete the spell.  Now, it is only effective during the daylight.

The gate, created by a Nagayan shaman named Sheshnaya, took the survivors of the rebellion to Oz, on the Trackless Plains where they still reside.  Sheshnaya is upheld as a savior and hero of the Nagayan people.  He died not long after their arrival from his battle wounds earned in the rebellion.  His burial site is sacred place to all Nagayan and one of their best kept secrets.

The Nagayan remain ever vigilant (some say paranoid) for their fear the return of Kadru.  This has lead them to their current life style of travelling at night and hiding during the day.  The fear and paranoia is almost embedded in their being.

They are currently being lead by their nomad king, Lord Anisssh.  He cares about his people and never forgets when Kadru ruled over them.  He is a fierce warrior.  He rules his people with a council of 3 nobles (one from each faction) and 3 shaman (one from each faction).  He rules over the 3 major factions of the Nagayan, based on the labor force the queen bred them for – the laborers, the warriors and the scholars.  Most Nagayan heed his rulings and never question them.  Recently, however, there have been rumors within the ranks of descent and perhaps an agent of Kadru spying on their people.

The magic of Nonestica has brought out more Naga characteristics in the Nagayan as a race.  They have the ability to spit poison, for instance.  They also have natural camouflage.  These abilities developed over time once they arrived in Oz.

The Nagayan Chayax are a special team of warriors specifically trained in stealth and assassination.  They are the King’s special guard, protecting the Nagayan secrets and their people.

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