The Nether Realm, Talisman Expansion

The Nether Realm, Talisman Expansion

The Nether Realm, Talisman Expansion
From: Fantasy Flight Games
Reviewed by: Ron McClung

The Nether Realm, Talisman Expansion is a new Board Game Expamsion from Fantasy Flight Games.

Talisman is one of those games I always seem to buy for.  I enjoy it with my kids and with my friends.  In past editions, it did get repetitive but what I like most about the FFG version is the variety they seem to be injecting into the game.  Unlike past editions, FFC has put out various sized expansions so as to control the bloat a game like this can develop.  I bought two expansions recently – The Firelands and The Nether Realm – that are very small but have significant impact on the game.

The interesting thing about The Nether Realms expansion is that it is designed by a fan.  I like when a company pays attention to its fans and gives them opportunities to grow the product.  This speaks well of Fantasy Flight Games.

From the website:
“Journey through the realm of Talisman on your quest for the Crown of Command but beware the fiery Pyrochanter, fearsome Titan Wraith, and other Nether Deck enemies that seek to thwart your plans in The Nether Realm expansion.”

The Expansion itself is very simple.  It contains Alternative Ending cards as well as new Nether Realm cards.  The Nether Realm is an expansion that specifically applies to the Alternate Endings contained within.  Each Alternate Endings instructs various uses of the Nether Realms cards.

The Nether Realm cards are alternate Adventure cards that pack quite a punch.  The majority of cards are very nasty monsters, ranging from Strength 1 to Strength 12!  Depending on what Alternate Ending is chosen, these cards can present a consider challenge to the players.

From the website:
“The Nether Realm was designed by Jon New, the man behind the Talisman-dedicated fansite Talisman Island. The Nether Realm offers three new Alternative Endings for Talisman, along with new Nether cards.”

In conclusion, although I like more challenge in my games, I am not sure I would choose these kinds of challenges.  Your character definitely needs to be ready for the Nether Realm challenges. 

For more details on Fantasy Flight Games and their new Board Game ExpamsionThe Nether Realm, Talisman Expansion” check them out at their website , and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 14

Product Summary

The Nether Realm, Talisman Expansion
From: Fantasy Flight Games
Type of Game: Board Game Expamsion
Expansion Design: Jon New
Additional Development: Samuel W. Bailey
Talisman Revised 4th Edition Design: Bob Harris and John Goodenough
Producer: Christopher Hosch
Graphic Design: Evan Simonet
Cover Art: Ralph Horsley
Interior Art: Bruno Balixa, Massimiliano Bertolini, Joao Bosco, Mark Bulahao, Christopher Burdett, Joshua Cairós, Felicia Cano, JB Casacop, Sara K. Diesel, Guillaume Ducos, Raymond Gaustadnes, Matt Larson, Alexandr Shaldin, and Joe Wilson
Managing Art Director: Andrew Navaro
Art Direction: John Taillon
Number of Pages: 3 pages of rules
Game Components Included: 36 Nether Cards, 3 Alternative Ending Cards
Game Components Not Included: Talisman 4th Edition Revised Core Set
Retail Price: $14.95(US)
Number of Players: 2-6
Player Ages: 9+
Play Time: 60+

Reviewed by: Ron McClung