The New V – They’re Here!

The New V – They’re Here!

I am quite annoyed by the infantile approach they are taking the new V movie/mini-series/series or whatever it is going to be.  Anyone that is reasonably knowledgeable about V the original mini-series, the book and the shows that followed knows what the ‘V’ stood for.  Victory.  It was the center-piece of the whole concept of the movie.  It was a throw
back to World War II, because everything that was happening with the new Visitors was all very similar to Nazi Germany.

But a lot of mundane folks who simply did not get it always thought the ‘V’ always stood for Visitors.  And now that’s what they are making it stand for in the new movie.  It’s like the director was of the age of those that didn’t get it and changed it to fit his mundane, brainless idea.

The concept of “worshipping” the Visitors because they are our saviors may not be a bad idea, we’ll have to see.

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