The One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern

The One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern

From: RPG Cartography

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

The One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern is a new d20 Map Source book from RPG Cartography.

Something new has entered the market giving us gamers a new online source for game play. This is the FCW file – otherwise known as Fast CAD file, created by Campaign Cartographer 2 and viewable by the FastCAD File view or the free view supplied by Pro Fantasy. RPG Cartography has started a series of Map-based supplements that use this technology. These are some of the same people behind the Explorer’s Guild and their line of similar products.

From page 2: “Having heard of the One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern, you and your group head there.”

The One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern is a complete location sourcebook for any d20 Fantasy RPG. Included with the PDF are three FCW files – the tavern main floor, cellar, and a dungeon.

The PDF details each room and location with the tavern and supplies the reader with a host of NPCs that commonly can be found in the tavern. In total there are over 20 NPCs supplied as well as an Instant Party for a quick one shot that starts in the tavern.

As most experienced GMs know, most adventures start in a place like this, and so this tavern epitomized this concept. “The north wall, east of the entrance is covered with wood paneling, with pieces of paper and parchment affixed to it. These are notices posted by people looking to hire adventurers, adventurers seeking other adventurers, and notices of missing adventurers.” This is where Adventure hooks can be found that a party can pursue.

In conclusion, this is a very cool starting point for any adventure or campaign. The detail really gives a good feel to the location as does the attractive maps. If you are looking for something to start a one shot or a campaign, this is a good jumping off point.

For more details on RPG Cartography and their new d20 Map Source book, “The One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern,” check them out at their website

The One-Eyed Dragonhead Tavern

From: RPG Cartography

Written by Anna M. Dobritt

Editing by Anna M. Dobritt

Cartography by Anna M. Dobritt

Layout by Anna M. Dobritt

Artwork: Bradley K. McDevitt

Artwork: V. Shane APE # 7

Some artwork from Fantasy Filler Art copyright Rick Hershey, All Rights Reserved

Number of Pages: 25

Game Components Included: One ODF file and several FCW files

Game Components Not Included: Core d20 books


Reviewed by: Ron McClung