The Siren, Part 3

The Siren, Part 3

The Interruption

Commander Jaeger Kalatron gripped his military-issue plasma assault rifle inside the breaching pinnace, awaiting clearance to breach. The Hungry Wolf emblem was emblazoned on his chest armor, and 909 was stenciled on his shoulder armor. Other Hungry Wolves were around him, in similar positions. He was second in command, in charge of the first team. His commander – Captain Dralant Billidger – was with third team.

The intel was good. Everything said that the Obledon’s pirates were in the Siren system and figured a way to navigate the system. It took months of legalities for the Imperials to obtain the same technology from the corps. Apparently, they were somewhat ashamed that they lost some of it and did not want the authorities to know. Once they outfitted their boarding pinnaces, it was a matter of time to assemble the team and strike hard at the heart of one of the most annoying pirate groups in the sector.

It was the second piece of intel that finally convinced the corps to give up the technology – a Pirate Alliance meeting of all the pirate lords in one place. Strike when the iron is hot. It has never been hotter. Captain Krats’ arrogance knows no bounds. It was time that the Hungry Wolves feasted and taught the pirates a little humility.

Captain Krats was distracted during the entire meeting, wondering why he had not heard from Krylos in several hours. The first session of formalities were finally ending and the first night of revelry that only pirates can perform was going to start. He just hoped that no one gets killed in the process. He himself was going to refrain from too much partaking for his and Nagus’ safety (probably more the former than the latter). It was then that his subdermal comlink chimed.

“It’s about time, Krylos.” said Krats, noting the caller ID on his ocular implant. “Report.”

“Sir, bulkhead doors were secure and atmosphere is vented inside. We’re going to need a boarding party in full tactical to investigate further.” Krylos said. Krats was underwhelmed.

“It took you 3 hours to figure that out.” Krylos was usually more efficient.

“No sir. As I was finishing up that analysis, system proximity alarms around the Grenlish 6 gas giant orbit picked up something. They went off once but went silent. That was abnormal, so I was digging through the data figuring out what was going on. Not sure if it was an unscheduled transport or something else. I wish we had gotten more of those orbital sensor drones….”

It’s on the list. We already had to sell our soul to Nagus for those. What next?

A new bad feeling was boiling in Krats’ gut. What the hell now? “Go to red alert! They have found us!” Someone betrayed us.

Krats began a sprint to the delegation reception that was just starting. With emergency alarms rudely interrupting the festivities , there will be questions. At this point, he has given up hope earning the leadership positions. The best he could hope for was getting his guests off this station and out of this system.