The Siren, Part 4

The Siren, Part 4

A Losing Battle

An array of modified stolen corporate attack fighters blossomed out of the asteroid field towards the GeePee “apprehension” task force. Shit! They had perimeter alert sats. Of course. Resourceful pricks!

Commander Jaeger watched in his heads up display the descrambled sensor readings from the breaching ship. This was not going to be easy. Never underestimate an enemy. The War ending softened you, Jaeger.

Fortunately, the captain had not. Decoy ships were also flown in, 32 ships where only 8 contained actual boarding parties. The rest had extra armor and weaponry. They also had a extensive fighter escort and larger ships in in the outer orbit with long range cannons. Once the shit hit the fan, these little fighters are going to have a world of hurt opened up on them.

But the order was clear – take Captain Obledon alive. Any other leaders will be a bonus. Everyone else is expendable. Extreme prejudice is applied to them.

The first silent flashes of weapons could be seen through small slits of the breaching ship. They group of Hungry Wolves braced for that random shot that might hit their ship. This little ship was strong but it could only take so much.

“All batteries open fire. Concentrate fire on those breaching ships. Some are probably decoys. Might even contain explosive and robot controlled.” Krats barked orders across his bridge as his crew scrambled frantically at their stations.

He had ordered security teams to escort the delegates to their ships and allocated escort shuttles to ferry them out of the system the best route he could think of.

“Captain, this is security team …” came a voice on his comlink.

They were assigned to Nagus. “Report.”

“We were unable to find Nagus and his escorts. They have disappeared.”

Great, that’s all I need. Understood, report to your battle stations. We’ll assume they got out on their own.” Unless he had his own descrambling array, he couldn’t make it. It would only make sense but why fein the trip in?

The holographic displays showed the battle as it progressed. Flashes of light showed casualties and more and more were on his side than theirs. This was a losing battle. Not only because of the overwhelming force, but because regardless of what he does, they have found him. His power base is gone. He will have to abandon his plan for the Pirate Alliance, perhaps fall out in disgrace.

The disgrace and dishonor of it all infuriated Krats. He swore on all gods new and old that he would find out who betrayed him. He had a feeling he knew who.


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