The Sley’eth

The Sley’eth

Slaves to the Ka’Abrel


The Sley’eth is a bolter race  that came through the wrong side of the ‘Zone.  Their refugee sleeper ships materialized right into the clutches of the Imperial Ka’Abrellian fleet.  The Ka’Abrel immediatley enslaved them and placed them on one of the outer mining worlds.

The Sley’eth base their society on a strong family monarchy ruling system.  Their king- called the Olon’Rad – in the primary governmental decisionmaker in their society.  They hold freedom, however, as one of the highest ideals.  They have many faiths in their society, perhaps more than most, but all have a strong tolerance for one another.

Currently, the Olon’Rad is temporarily filled by a regent called an Olanradis – Camalis, the Olon’Rad’s brother.  The Olon’Rad is missing.

Additionally, the Sly’eth have been enslaved on  a planet that is incompatible with their physiology and they are dying.


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