The Sovereignty Of Man

The Sovereignty Of Man

The Legacy of the Terran Expanse

The Sovereignty of Man is the Human sub government within the Dominion. It presides over the activities of humanity as a whole but does not concern itself with the details of their day to day lives. Individual worlds of the Sovereignty have considerable local autonomy.

Timeline: The dates given below are in Expanse Years, Pre-FTL and Diaspora Years.  Roughly around 1300 pf,  the Terrans discovered FTL. That is considered year Zero or 0DY.  In human years, that occurred in 2315 AD.  After the discovery of FTL, a period of massive expansion occurred referred to the Diaspora years.

Key Planets & Sub-Governments

With the exception noted below, all the following worlds have the same surface gravity as Earth.


System: Xafroth

Beskerata was one of many involuntary relocation colony, formed by radical scientists, freethinkers and eco-terrorists.  They were forcibly relocated by one of the Terran Expanse regimes during the early years of the first century, during the many societal purges that swept Earth.  Like many, the Beskerata colony was subsequently lost during the Great Collapse. They independently revitalized the colony and re-developed to starflight technology.   Late in the tenth century, seeking revenge for their abandonment, the Beskarian fleet came looking for Terran Imperials to fight, only to find the empire had long fallen.   They have never quite forgiven the galaxy as a whole for their perceived mistreatment. They continue to seek recompense through any means possible and their culture is well-known to produce chip-on-the-shoulder entitled citizens. Beskerata government is broken up into a collection of autonomous provinces each run by their own means of government.  There is a central United Providence League but it is usually bogged down in corruption and apathy.


System: Alpha Cygni 628

This world was settled by the remnants of the Terran Third Fleet after the humanity’s defeat at the end of the Dominion-Expanse War.  This fleet failed in its attempt to penetrate to the central worlds of the Dominion during war.   Facing unsurmountable odds, the crews aboard the various Terran ships of the fleet mutinied, and then fled until fuel and supplies ran out. Destiny was the first terrestrial world they found suitable for human colonization after almost 2 years of searching, dodging Dominion patrols.  During the Great Collapse, Destiny remained disconnected from the remnants of the Expanse, waiting for their treasonous origins to be forgotten.  Today, Destiny’s government is a hereditary monarchy, currently ruled by a Queen. The current population is almost 900 million on the three major continents.


System: Ibrinah

Once used as another corrective labor colony for undesirables by the Expanse, Hosvaris is now the most democratic of the Sovereignty worlds. It is a democracy, with a true one-man-one-vote arrangement using a global network, into which all citizens are tied.  However, the downside is that life on Hosvaris is heavily monitored.  The world is a trade center for its sector, with one major corporation controlling most of it – Hope-Thrallings Shipping & Trade.  It is well-known that HTST is actually a front for the Cospelli crime syndicate.


System: Shenavis

See below.  This world is the only mega-corporation owned planets in the Sovereignty.



System: Trianguli 984

Settled by a multitude of Slavic cultures from Eastern Europe, this is one of the last worlds colonized by the Terran Expanse before its defeat at the hands of the Dominion.  There is a strong anti-Dominion sentiment with in Moskiar, and the locals dream of the glory that was. After many years of interfactional wars, the planetary government finally settled under one totalitarian dictatorship.  However, the planet is a powder-keg waiting for war and revolution to break out again.

New Sydney

System: Velorum Cavus

New Sydney was settled largely by involuntary colonists just prior to the Dominion-Expanse War, primarily from the slums of Australia, Europe and Russia.  Since then, the population has been kept low, thus the world has retained much of its original frontier character. However, the underground and orbiting automated factories as well as the self-aware global computer network indicate the existence of higher technology levels.  What few know was an intelligent species that once claimed this world as home was wiped out by the diseases the humans brought – most notably the common cold.

Praatis III

System: Praatis

Praatis III, in the Praatis system, was colonized by involuntary relocatees or undesirables from the slums of the Terran continent of North America during the cultural purges of the second and third centuries. It is now the site of one of the finest scientific research and teaching institutes in the Sovereignty. The scientists and researchers have turned over the business of government to a massive planet-spanning AI, which now rules the world.  Law enforcement, planetary defense and infrastructure are all controlled by Zeus, the all-seeing computer.

Sasparth’s Reach

System: Hizothrakis

Sasparth’s Reach was colonized by artisans of all varieties relocated during the so called Bohemian Exodus of the late first century in North America, as the world government became more and more oppressive. Sasparth’s Reach was cut off from communication with the Expanse shortly after the beginning of the First Dominion-Expanse War.  Rediscovered by Dominion survey craft early in the 10th century, it was not determined that it was a terra-human world until recently.

The local government resembles a theocracy, ironically mimicking similar oppressions their forefathers left Terra to escape. Genetic drift has produced a breed of human called Sasparthians or derogatorily “Blues.”   Sasparthians have pale gray-blue  skin, sky-blue hair (traditionally worn long), no facial hairs on either gender, silvery eyes, and an average height of eight feet. This new variety of human is otherwise like the parent species, though the probability of successful interbreeding is now quite low.

Nîwian Anglia

System: Ashiesta 452

This world is a parliamentary democracy reminiscent of  21st Century England.  Several of the royal line of England, tired of the decline on Earth, colonized this world in hopes of restoring “English glory.”  Unfortunately, internal turmoil prevented the utopia they hoped. Corruption is rampant throughout the government structure of Nîwian Anglia, causing many to believe their great endeavor has failed.  There is a strong movement to return to a true monarchy amongst the citizenry, which is considered political heresy by many.

New Beijing (Xīn běijīng)

System: Xing Sān

New Beijing is a collection of dictatorships similar in governmental structures to the old Soviet Russia or Red China. It sits on the frontier of the Sovereignty nearest to the Dominon, and is the site of a major Dominion Naval Base.   It is most well-known to be the first settlement to surrender and collaborate with the Dominion at the outbreak of the Dominion-Expanse War.   Many still see citizens of New Beijing as traitors and back-stabbers but they have benefited greatly from their early allegiance with the Dominion.

New Geneva

System: Lexicon

This is the business capital of the Sovereignty. It is run by the great corporations for the benefit of all citizens, which are controlled by the Six Great Houses. These Houses own the majority of the stock in most of the major corporations. There are few violent disputes between the Houses but where there is a dispute that can not be resolved by massive bureaucracy of the Genevan legal system, it is common to settle things in a gladiatorial arena.  (see below for the Major Terran Corporations).  Goldrum-Stark, the largest financial institution in the Sovereignty, has its central offices in New Stockholm on Eastern Trauzin continent.

New Virginia

System: Sigma Argolis

Colonized by New Washington in the 4th century DY, New Virginians, fed up with the corruption of the sister world, formed its own government in the late 5th century loosely based on the democratic principles of New Washington, with a stronger libertarian approach to personal liberty. It is now a major exporter of (legal) recreational pharmaceuticals, biotech and cybernetics.

New Washington

System: Bernstrom

The capital world of the Sovereignty, New Washington is a republican democracy similar in political structure to the United States.  Many of the great relics of Earth were salvaged and brought here.  If they could not be recovered, they were recreated.  Mount Rushmore, The Eiffel Tower and Big Ben all have been rebuilt around this planet.


System: Derilia

Parlindon was formed by European colonists who saw themselves as the rightful heirs of Earth’s legacy.  Calling themselves Older Worlders, they saw the North American dominance in the Expanse as a slight against the “true heritage” of Earth.  Hoping to make Parlindon the true capital of Terran Space, they fought the rise of New Washington with all that they could short of all out war.  Its 2 billion population still see it as a rival to New Washington but in truth, it does not come close to resources, trade routes and location.  Once the Dominion accepted New Washington as the capital, there was no changing it.

Today, Parlindon is source of much political conflict within the Sovereignty.  Many believe if there were to be a civil war within the realm of Man, it would start from Parlindon.  Parlindon is ruled by a parliamentary democracy, with a politically strong Prime Minister is charge.

Ploebos IV

System: Ploebos

Ploebos system the unique distinction of having 4 massive gas giants, which for the longest time hid the existence of one single terrestrial world.  After an exploratory probe discovered Ploebos IV,  it was claimed  and colonized by purged peoples of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.  The world struggled through years of factional conflict until recently.  Now, it is a conglomerate confederation of allied major nations.  There are several smaller nations that continue to rebel against the majors, but for the most part, it remains fairly peaceful.


System: Vega Vendii

Shortly after the development of FTL, Serenity was colonized by survivors of the old North American democracies of Canada and the United States. Serenity has a surface acceleration of 1 .2 Gs and orbits a red dwarf star. These deviations from Earth normal took only a small toll of colonists compared to the local fauna.

Due to some unknown aspect of the world,  a majority of human telepaths and mentalists come from this world.  For those wishing to study of power of the mind, this is the first human world to visit.  This world currently has no real government to all outward appearances, though there is a population estimated at over one billion. When asked about their government, locals have been frequently known to reply “It just is.” or other equally vague answers.  Industrially and technologically, Serenity is an advanced world.

Terra Nova Alpha

System: Tesnerius

Another Corrective Labor Colony for Undesirables, Terra Nova Alpha lies on the boundary between the Sovereignties of the Candrosian and the K’Dasi.  TNA (as it is called locally) remains an anarchist state where anything goes. It also possesses the best automated defense network of any world in the Sovereignty and pirates as well as smugglers take full advantage of it.

Terra Nova Beta

System: Tacromia

This world was colonized by those colonists that could not remain in the anarchists state that TNA turned into.  Late in the 3rd century, the rejects of the rejects left TNA to form the Beta colony in a system 14 ly away. TNB’s 3 billion citizens are currently ruled by a republican democracy.  They see their Terra Nova Alpha as their sworn enemies, although Alpha don’t share their hatred.


System: Jastagus

Formed from exiled undesirables from Eastern Europe and Western Russia, this colony thrived for a few centuries until the Dominion-Expanse War.  The system was the sight of a major battle during that time, and the planet took the brunt of the fight.  Portions of the planet are uninhabitable but it remains a thriving world regardless. For a time, the planet thrived because of the salvage profits post-war.  Now, between the space stations, moon and outer planet colonies, the entire system remains alive.  It is the sight of some of the most active shipyard in the Sovereignty.  Every human ship-building corporation has a shipyard here.

Major Terran Corporations

Goldrum-Stark Financial 

Major Interests: Insurance, Financial Services, Investments, Banking

Corporate HQ: New Manhattan on New Geneva.

Goldrum-Stark has its fingers in every major financial interest in the Sovereignty, almost to the level of a monopoly.  Money gets exchanged enough that few in the Sovereignty government care.

InterTel Corporation

Corporate HQ:  Core City on InterTel

Major interests: Everything

InterTel Corporation, with interests in transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications, salvage, exploration, and banking, dominates the economic life of several of the lesser worlds of the Sovereignty. It is an independent sub government under the Dominion, allied to the Sovereignty of Man. InterTel maintains its own interstellar and police forces, and its offices are treated as embassies by the governments of the worlds of the Sovereignty. It is ruled by a hereditary aristocracy. Periodically the most capable among the workers are elevated to the peerage. The Board of Directors of InterTel Corporation is elected from the peerage at 15 year intervals.

OuterCo Enterprises

Corporate HQ:  New Manhattan on New Geneva.

Major interests: Transportation and Salvage

This is the largest of the major cargo shipping lines in the Sovereignty, it is approximately one third of all interstellar cargo not carried by lnterTel within the Sovereignty.  Controlled by the Ogura House, the central offices of OuterCo are on New Beijing.

Panstellar Works

Corporate HQ:  Abonaton City on Terra Nova Beta

Major interests: Interstellar Exploration and Salvage

Panstellar Works was co-founded by Theun Handlogten and Alie van Oortveld, two retired Star Corp Space Navy Commanders. Inspired by the ancient alien ruins they found in the time exploring for the Navy, they worked to seek out all evidence of these aliens, their colonies and their tech.  It has rumored that this has lead to many major finds that have helped the corporation rise through the ranks.  However, they have kept many of the major discoveries secret.  Since the death of the two founders, rivals have made many efforts to take over the business and thus discover their secrets.  Now, their two sons (rumored to be clones of the founders), run the business and continue to enjoy the success of their forefathers.

Terradyne Cybernetics

Corporate HQ: New Manhattan on New Geneva.

Major interests: Artificial intelligence, Communications Systems, and Manufacturing, Cybernetics

Terradyne Cybernetics was by Brendan Duran-Porter, a noted computer scientists and hacker.  While many are not surprised he started a corporation, many find it hard to believe that all his operations are all legal.  Known for hacking government and military secrets, many believe he had enough dirt on Terran officials that all would have joined him in jail once leaked.  Today, they are a thriving computer system and cybernetic company with multiple government and military contracts.

Tyler-Zhang Systems

Corporate HQ: Jianhong on  New Beijing

Major interests: Telecommunications

Tyler-Zhang built and maintains the subspace transceiver network used to tie together the myriad worlds of the Sovereignty of Man.  Tyler-Zhang is primarily an engineering firm, though it is heavily involved in research in theoretical physics and general relativity.  It is run by the Tyler-Zhang house, located on New Beijing.

UltraCorp-Newdyne (UCN) Shipyards

Corporate HQ: Zhovusky on Yazonov

Major interests: Starship and Space Station Construction, Salvage

The UCN Yards, founded shortly after the beginning of the First Terran Expansion, are among the largest shipyards on Yazonov,  New Washington or New Virginia. Noted for their excellence in design and construction techniques, the UCN Yards are extremely important to the continued economic well being of the Sovereignty capital and its sister world. The UCN shipyards are a strictly family owned business and their managers and salesmen are known for their shrewdness.  UCN is owned and run by the Moonwell house.