Background: The Tetrarch Societies

Background: The Tetrarch Societies

Ancient Lessons from the Past…

University of Zebulon Report Date: 182 fy.

This is a report on the study of the mysterious ancient civilization known as the Tetrarch Societies, headed by a joint effort between the Unviersity of Zebulon Xenoarcheology (ZU) department and the Wen’Tri university called the Reshnick University for Expanded Studies (RUES). The conclusions of the study reveal that the Tetrarch did indeed exist, and was mush more vast than originally thought. The findings are more than just conjecture but proof was not easily found. It was as if the members of the Tetrarch were attempting to hide their failings, and for good reason.

The Tetrarch was a conglomeration of many races and their sectorial empires, most of which are still unknown and unidentified. They all joined together over a spanse of several centuries, by violent or nonviolent means, under the watchful and seemingly caring eye of the Tetria, an ancient race that apparently created the Tretarch Societies in an attempt to prevent galactic wars from destroying their civilization. In its growth, the members came to integrate in a network fashion, peacefully relying on each other for support. However, this peaceful coexistance was blinding. Internal strife and corruption was leading self-destruction.

Apparently, the fall started with one or two of the Societies collapsing to internal problems; civil wars and the irresponsible use of power. There were many factors for the initial fall which, in turn, caused a domino effect. They were so integrated and interdependent that once one or two fell, it was long before all had fallen. Each Society had its own “cancer” which grew to a point of exploding. Once one did they rest followed as the great body known of the Tretrach Societies collapsed and died. Since then, all signs of the original races have all but disappeared. It is theorized that the J’avaarian Old Race knew about the Societies, and that the Wen’Tri may have had some contact with them in their ancient mysterious past, but none on this has been proven.

The Tetrarch Societies virtually vanished from existance, aside from the little evidence that was found by expeditions. This evidence was found in isolated areas of known space, all across the Alliance. From the far edges of the Frontier to the outer Tor’Drani Outposts, fragments of masonry and metal working, mysterious machinery and even psionic impressions were found. There have been only a few actual Society members identified as races, but nothing is known about their general nature and whether or not they still exist, whether in hiding or just isolated.

The mystery still unravels to this day as more expeditions run across signs, some benign, and other very malevolent. Some of their secrets are found to lead to more mystery, while others should not have been found. This only feeds the masses of xenoarcheology, making a Tetrarch dig one of the most adventurous, competive andsometimes dangerous digs there are.

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