The Ugnoreks, Ragnar’s real parents

The Ugnoreks, Ragnar’s real parents

Glorth and Giliask Ugnorek were once nobles in the Unrugagh, their bloodline connected to the founders of the town.


Glorth was a strong and intelligent person but suffered from clumsiness often.  His skin and hair were also very pale and white.  When he was young, before the acceptance of the way of Xorag God Of Vengeance, Glorth was considered a bad omen to the village.  He was shunned at an early age, forcing him into reclusion. This is where he  began his religious studies.  It was also during this time that he developed a liking to animal racing.  He was a champion rider of the huge riding beasts called the Oguplas (resembling a speedie triceratops).

However, all through his childhood and adolescence, he was shunned .  Eventually feeling he must punish those responsible for misdeeds done to him, Glorth joined an organized burglary gang. Primarily limiting themselves to stealing and smuggling, Glorth eventually was caught and forced into being an informant for the law. Glorth was labeled a snitch by the underworld and for a long time had a contract out on his life.

Glorth was raised primarily by his oldest sister while his parents worked for their patron, House Mossdall.  He was the second of 6 siblings.  The family lived in an old ruined palace where it was rumored a pre-Chaos War scientists performed accursed experiments.  Glorth’s father was philosopher and a thinker. Considered a sage and a theologian of his people, he and his wife worked deep within the mountains artifacts for House Mossdall.  Glorth’s mother was a warrior for the monks of the Sanctuary Gate, her feisty and strong nature an immediate attraction to him.

Glorth’s eldest sister Marfu raised the 5 children and worked the farm as a skilled agriculturalist. Glorth’s other siblings included brothers Zodagh (A town Cleric), Xig and Xag (Glorth’s younger twin brother, scavengers for the House), and Glorth’s younger sister Borba (works as a skilled technician reviving old tech for the House).

During a harsh period of time, a fierce war broke out between the Noble Houses of their people. The situation was grim. All Noncombat troops are put in the field as light infantry.  The unit that included many of Glorth and his siblings is in the thickest fighting for months and saw more action than most. At one point, Glorth’s best friend died at his side, but an act of the character reverses the battle’s outcome – a losing battle is won – and he is recognized for it by being promoted to Nobility.

Since the war, Glorth, along with his young wife, disappeared, seeking enlightenment and answers.  Some say they seek answers about the technical wonder found during the war, but no one is sure.    All they know is that they disappeared into the mountains.


Giliask was from a Orc tribe of the Unrugagh that did not serve the Nobility but instead served the Sanctuary Gate and the temple within. For those that could not make the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary City above, the Sanctuary Gate is considered a special place for them. Giliask served the priests of the Gate and was known to be a strong warrior with her tribe.  Some say her bones were replaced with steel.

She was raised by her Aunt and Uncle, third of 6.  Both parents, aunt and uncle took a role in the Gate Monastery because of rivals within the Unrugagh nobility.  Meanwhile, her parents took roles in the Monasteries paladin guard.

At one point while her father was in command of the Gate Paladins, House Krallok demanded the monks and their warriors take a side. The house wished to current leadership and take control.  A battle was fought and her father’s side fends off the noble threat.  Her father was personally responsible for the deaths of several of his comrades, however.  He took that very hard.  Parents & NPCs: Noteworthy Items: NPC was originally from a different culture.

Her siblings include her brothers Ignatz (large Orc who is a skilled warrior and commander in the guard), Shuzug (former warrior who lost his foot in battle and now is a mechanic),  and her sisters Rogmesh (a technician that works with Shuzug), Bagrak (healer and cleric), and Mazoga  (travelling entertainer and rogue).


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