08: The Undoing: One Ship could made the Difference

08: The Undoing: One Ship could made the Difference

Time Period: SW:ANH +9 months

Where: SSD ShadowChaser

The ShadowChaser was a beast to be conquered. It was a unique ship in design and nature. It cloaked like no other cloaking system ever designed before. It used temporal space, and the manipulation of time to cloak from sensors. It had to be boarded by 9 adventurers, and destroyed. They had the means to destroy it; an assassin droids leg that had a large scale explosive built in it. They had a way to find it even when cloaked; the droid had data on a sidarian-particle-leak in the #3 engine of the ship, which was easily traceable but it might be discovered any day, and repaired. They had to come up with a plan to board her, disable the ships defenses, and security, and set the bomb.

The Jedi received the divine inspiration that helped them towards their goal. He was shown a power of the Dragon Way that only he could master. His connection to the Hyperspace Dragon awakened a power to manipulate small pockets of Hyperspace. This with the odd-nature of the Second Chance’s drive systems, would allow them to pass through the same space as the SSD, and drop off party members in different parts of the SSD, while the SSD was cloaked. The only mystery was the results of using temporal forces, in combination with Hyperspace fields in Hyper-N-Space. The Jedi also received a prophetic statement from an familiar voice. “One ship would have made the difference.”

They all gathered back at the Second Chance, where they received more orders from Rebel Command. They were to transfer the Second Chance’s cargo to a contact on Tresidiss named Fixer. They were to find out later that Fixer was Jack Badlander. They were also told of a deep-cover operative that was placed on the ShadowChaser by the Rebellion, who needed extraction. He went by the name of Tathis.

They arranged for the cargo to be transferred, and went to hunt down the ShadowChaser. It was days into the hunt before they were able to find the trail. They immediately entered Hyper-N-Space, and the Jedi began to conjure up the strange powers he knew very little about. There was several flashes, and each task team was dropped off in the designated areas: engineering, security, and auxiliary bridge. The SSD was cloaked when they entered it’s space, but all the crew were unconscious. There were system alarms going off everywhere. They ignored these strange unexpected factors, and proceeded to accomplish their tasks. When their mutual party members suddenly entered their individual task areas, and began to disrupt everything they had set up, they were confused. Each group watched as other members of their group dropped the ship from temporal space for a split second, set the ship’s weapons systems to automatic, switching the IFF programming, and launch all ships from the launch bays. These ships were destroyed by the automated defenses. Then the SSD entered temporal space, almost uncontrollably. All system clocks were going hay-wire. The temporal clock on the cloaking device was surging back and forth. Energy surges to the device were showing up on all engineering panels.

What they determined was these were their temporal doubles, caught in another phase of temporal space, unable to communicate a lot due to the effects of the phasing, performing specific tasks to prevent what could have happened if they didn’t. They watched external sensors as the SSD dropped out of temporal space into a familiar system; Yavin System. A task force of X-Wings were flying towards a small moon, with S-Foils open. But that was no moon, it was a space station. They had jumped back in time to the Battle of Yavin, and if the SSDs own bays were full of fighters and the weapons system enabled, it would have been able to stop the battle and turn the tide. “One ship would have made the difference.”

Then the loop kicked in, caused by the explosive surge from the droids leg. The explosion seemed to phase out into another timeline, while their ship was left intact, for the most part (Kei is very proud of the damage she caused with a series of grenades in secondary engineering). They suddenly found themselves back at the point where they first boarded the SSD, watching themselves boarding. They were now in the situation their doubles were in. They had to remember what was done, and do it again. The fate of the galaxy rested on their shoulders.

They scrambled as fast as they could to take care of what they needed to do, with a small modification. They moved to take the ship. The Jedi, using his strong persuasive power, ordered the Captain, and his bridge crew to abandon ship, which they did. They realigned the ships course to allow it to re-appear behind the Death Star, away from the X-Wings. In doing, they were able to stop the thousands of Tie Fighters, coming from the other side of the Death Star. These were supposed to attack the X-Wing task force and were sent by a maverick Moff on board the Death Star, against Tarkin’s orders. But they were destroyed by a strange ship they appeared from nowhere. The adventurers became a part of history, without anyone knowing it.

They were able to fins the man called Tathis in all the fray, who joined them with some trepidation. After all, it is the Dirty Pair.

The SSD re-entered temporal space as a result of the large close-proximity explosion from the Death Star. This caused more energy surges through out all ships systems. 7D6, who was hooked up to the SSD systems when one of these surges occurred, felt an old program suddenly initialize, and his whole perception change. His old directives were suddenly re-initialized, and this along with his self-programming caused a robo-psychosic virus to start with in his nearal-sub-processors. He commandeered the bridge, and claimed the ship as his own. The Rebels were ordered to surrender or die. Not sure whether to take this seriously or not, the group decided to abandon ship. The next drop into temporal space, they used the escape pods to escape an apparent megalomaniac droids attempts to capture them. The SSD suddenly re-entered temporal space, with 7D6 in charge. The party was relieved to find their ships nearby, and they were back in their normal timeline.