The Unit last night

The Unit last night

I am SICK AND TIRED of the insenuation that BIG OIL is making foreign policy for the US. <i>The Unit</i> last night had part of their story claim that. They were sent to South America to assassinate a new leader of a oil rich South American country – a Hugo-Chávez parallel.

There were some differences between the guy on the show and Chávez. The biggest differences are that Hugo Chávez committed multiple crimes to gain power; he is an ardent communist; he has taken over all the oil production of his country.

And the wild thing is he’s still in power, slamming the US, saying rude and embarrassing things about our government, and we have not touched him. The one thing we have done is boycott his oil. Wow, look, the democratic system at work. That’s the beauty of our country.

But is Big Oil running things? Oil is what makes this country go. It is the most important commodity next to food and water. Is it wrong that this country protect our investment into that commodity? It is wrong that we are so reliant on foreign sources of said commodity, but you can blame Jimmy Carter (worst president in the 20th century) and the environmentalist for our lack of domestic oil. So I do not think some big ubiquitous conglomerate of oil companies are telling the president what to do, but I do believe that the president as part of his economic policy is protecting it by making sure our supply of oil is not interupted by insane tyrantsand psychopathic socialist (almost an oxymoron there).

I am disappointed in <i>The Unit</i> for going there. Really disappointed.

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