The War of the Chain

The War of the Chain

A Star Frontiers Background

Beyond the celestial walls of the Frontier, in a system call Daladan Remis, multiple planets spiral around a golden red star. Of all the planets, one is the most active and habitable – Polomegan. It has been declared a warzone by all other neighboring stellar authorities and a non-interference order has been declared by the United Planetary Federation. Since the Sathars have chosen to re-ignite their aggression towards the Frontier with their new allies, the Siriusans, the system has been since forgotten.

The planet has been a point of conflict between near human Nazodoni and the original population of Polomegan – a mixture of humans and a refugee race called the Dara’Ilan. The religiously fanatic Nazodoniclaim that a faction from Polomegan defiled their Temple of Kril and took their Chain of Equilibrium and Continuance. The Polomegan planetary government required proof but the only thing the Nazodoni High Priests could say was they “felt a strong presence of mystical power on the planet, one that could only be the Chain.” Polomegan Authority was not about to take an alien priests word for it. This left the Nazodoni only one choice. Invade.

Fiercely independent and proud, the humans of Polomegan had just established a tense peace with the Dara’Ilan. In their own fanatical attempts to keep Polomegan humans only when the Dara’ilans arrived, conflict broke out between them. However, the very formidable semi-aquatic Dara’ilans vyed for peace after a few short years only because they did not have the numbers to sustain a long term war. The existence of their whole race depended on capitulating to the human’s rule. In this war was born a specialized version of energy weapon, born of both human and Dara’ilan tech – the High Explosive Pulse Energy plasma weapon or HEPE. THese weapons proved formidable in the coming Nazodoni invasion.

The Nazodoni invaded with massive mecha machines – Heavy Armored Robo-Mecha units – HARM-bots – 200 meter tall mobile weapons platforms with one pilot permanently cybernetically integrated into the robot matrix to be the brain. They pounded city after city and the population of Polomegan had nothing that could match these weapons. The Nazodoni soon occupied many of the capitol and starport cities throughout the planet.

Polomegan humans and Dara’Ilans alike formed a network of resistance forces within these cities to fight back, while the armed forces regrouped in the poles to plan for a long term war to take back their planet. It has been eight years since the start of the invasion.

The demands for the Chain have long been forgotten by most Polomegans. No one knows where it is, even if it was on the planet. Those on the Authority council that received the Nazodoni demands are long dead. All the commoner knows is that aliens have invaded their world and they are evil. It’s just a game of death and survival for them.