Z’Fraal (disguised as human) Medic/Mentalist, played by John Freeman

Z’Fraal are Fraal from the Zebulon’s expanse.

Appearing as a human using a telepathic device that hides his appearance, Roswell reveals to the party that there are other Fraal in the galaxy. Those that are from the Zebulon’s Expanse are known as Z’Fraal.


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  1. Hopes and Dreams

    Lighthouse Station, Libertas System

    The’tha the Z’fraal left the Zebulon’s Expanse with greats hopes.  Primary of these is to thwart any activity of Streel Corp in the Frontier and the Verge.  Information from agents within the Z’fraal society said that Streel Corp, the primary source of the greyslayers, was making moves into the Frontiers and perhaps working illegally with one of the Stellar Ring corporations (without the Council of Worlds knowledge).   Z’fraal covert operations command wants to know more and is sending out multiple agents to dig deep into it.

    Stree Corp, a mega-corporation run by the Vrusks and their thralls, is the largest corporation in Zebulon’s Expanse.  Streel has grown remarkably in the last few centuries and is fast approaching Stellar Nation in size and
    financial power. Streel offices are now spread throughout the Expanse and Rim. Streel backs a variety of advanced technological research, banking systems, savings and loan institutions, and financial backings for real estate and agricultural areas.  Many of the major technological advancements in the Expanse come out of Streel.

    Only recently has another corporation ever rivaled Streel.  Consensus has it that the Pan Galactic Corp (PGC) is the second largest business entity in the Expanse, but no factual data has been released to support this belief. The PGC has offices on nearly every inhabited planet, but has now confined most of its operations to financial areas, industrial research, funding Frontier explorations, loans for business ventures, investments, the backing of new governments, and so forth. Secret Z’fraal influence has helped in the advancement of PGC in its opposition of Streel.

    Secondly, The’tha hoped to contact the Fraal of the Stellar Ring.  The Fraal, Friends of Earth would be the first Fraal that his people would have contact with in millennia.  With his people slowly dying out and being hunted down, this could be the only hope of saving them.  If the Fraal leadership would be receptive.  They may not be even aware of other fraal and that could prove to be problematic. 

    Using Z’fraal influence as well as infiltrations techniques that some would say is unethical, The’tha was inserted as part of the Expanse diplomatic delegation to meet with other ambassadors of the Stellar Ring and the Verge.  Contact between the two regions (Zebulon’s Expanse and the Stellar Ring/Verge) only in the past decade and due to great distances and lack of solid communication, any contact between the two regions is extremely valuable.  The Stellar Ring and it’s Galactic Concord is dealing with its own internal politics, avoiding a third galactic war and discovering new enemies on the edge of the Verge, while Zebuon’s Expanse and its Council of Worlds are currently dealing with the social turmoil of other humans, other fraal and a more power and advanced region of space to trade with.  The two regions are stark contrasts – where the Stellar Ring and it’s red-headed stepchild the Verge are human-centric, in the Expanse, humans are treated like second rate
    citizens (and they do not like it).  Fraal are open and free in the Stellar Ring while fraal in the Expanse are hunted.  The one big difference is the Vrusk and they have been hiding things for a long time.

    Not all Vrusk are bad but you never know which ones to trust.  The Overlords of the Vrusks run their side of the show while the laborers and soldiers do their bidding (for the most part).  But Vrusk are not hive mind and many independents have broken away from the "collective mind set" of the Vrusk and worked with the humans, yazirians and even the dralasites to get the races on more even footing.  But even the friendly Vrusks are secretive about what the Overlords do and know. Most believe that the Vrusk hold the secrets of ancient and precursor technology in their vaults.  While others say they speak for the gods.  Either way, most do not trust a Vrusk.

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