They Have Another Owner

They Have Another Owner

The resistance had taken every possible strategically safe place to set up bases of operation. They have set up strike bases, refugee camps, and supply depots in some of the most hidden and hard to find places on Polomegan. However, one place is off limits; one place is owned by something else.

The North Scordoron Mountains was a perfect point of operations to observe the highly strategic Deedmoyr Sea and all its’ ports. However, the mountain dwellers of Scordorn will never let anyone settle there. They are savage fighters and equally savage about their territory. They fear and hate all others. Perhaps the original inhabitants of Polomegan before the haumsn came, they now only number in the thousands.

Before the war, the Council Authority ruled them a protected species, thinking them animals like any other. But many believe they are smarter than they let on. Some have witnessed strange mystical powers being wielded by the Dweller elders. Others have seem then hunt the fabled lontrot crawler beasts of the mountains with nothing but spears and sharp rocks. What could these beasts do if they were armed with modern weapons? What side would they fight for?

The Dwellers take a primitive pride in their mountain haven. Some believe they have built a vast network of tunnels and caves in it. Many of disappeared exploring the caves at the foot of the mountains. Strangely, even the Nozodani have left the mountains alone, as if they to show the Dwellers reverence. Are they friendly with the invaders? Or do the invaders know some secret about the Dwellers that not even Polomegans know?

Resistance command hopes to never find out.